Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Round Robin Challenge LABOR

THE MEAT MARKET GUY...January 2005 Covington, KY

I had a tough time with this challenge.

Labor Pains.

Labor of Love.

Fruit of my Labor.

The Labor party.

Labor Ready.

Labor Day.

Many years ago, in another life time I worked for the Corporate office of a company that owned numerous Nursing Home Facilites in the state of Kentucky.  Business was so good we decided to purchase a mansion on the east side of Hurstbourne Lane and remodel it into a very cool office building.

Does anyone remember the Diet Coke commercial that featured this fine figure of a man called Lucky? He was a construction worker and at a certain time each day, the girls from the office would gather and wait for Lucky to take his break. The highlight was when Lucky would strip off his shirt and slug back the Diet Coke.

The reason I remember it so well  is that our office did the exact same thing. We were restricted to two rooms on the second floor where we were crammed together. It was not all that bad, there were only six women in the Corporate office at the time. The construction workers were the only reason why we did not revolt.

On any given day, we would run from one room to the next, hanging out the windows to watch them work. We were shameless. There were several Lucky's out there! I wish I had a camera then. Not so much to take pictures of the guys...but to take pictures of those "women" (bunch of  throw back giggling high school girls) to have with me today. I have lost touch with several of them after all these years. Yet, each of us carries with us that summer when it was hotter than hell and we had no air conditioning because we were surrounded by construction...and those beautiful constuction workers.

Update on Omega.  They are stuck in New Orleans and were unable to make it out because they did not have a rental car. They could not fly out either. The hotel they are staying in was fine until the levee broke. They stand  in line for hours to use the single pay phone that is still operating in the Hotel. Omega has reached her place of work yesterday and informed them they may be stuck there for a week. Omega's husband reached his mother today and things are much worse. They are beginning to ration the food.

The Hunky bothers (minus O's husband) are driving down to rescue them.

I don't know how.

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Monday, August 29, 2005

Hurrican Katrina

My little kid sister Omega and her husband took a long week end and headed to New Orleans this past week. She is stuck there. No way out. My Mom spoke to them on Saturday night and Omega said "Not to worry". 

Naturally I am worried. Please keep her and her husband in your thoughts and prayers. I'm certain they will be okay (my Mom has the ear of God) but she is still my kid sister and I love her.

On the other hand, I have a new hobby. Actually, I am embarking on a new making!!!! What else was I going to do with two pecks of peaches! According to the book, I need to start with something a little more simple. So, I'll follow those instructions and freeze the peaches for later.

Was offered the job. Joe wants me to take it. Will sleep on it.

I knew he was going to offer it to me. I just love this endless summer theme I have going.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sunday Afternoon?

Vodka on  a Sunday Afternoon

It is Sunday, isn't it?  One of the wonderful things about not having to work is that you do not have to keep track of the days.

I do my best thinking (daydreaming) while driving a car. I have not been doing that much lately, so while I was sitting in the sun, reading a novel and sipping on some Apple Vodka and mixer I realized something. I use to do my best thinking while smoking the illegal drug...which I have not done for a long, long time vodka seems to have stepped in and taken charge.

I have been smitten with the illusions of making some good money. If I take that job I will not be happy. I will not like it. I would like the money, for sure. But I would not like the job. I could do it, but I would feel like I was taking advantage of people because I know how to sell.

Selling is an art. I know that it is said good sales people are born...wrong.  It is a science. All you need is confidance and a good product. Added to that, you need to be prepared and anticipate the "objections" or questions. It is a formula that goes like this "What I hear you saying is if I can do this, you will do that" It requires good listening skills and a good questioning techique. (open ended questions).

I should have called this Sales 101.

I am aided with vodka and a realization. I better get that last entry out of here before I get TOS'ed.

Tomorrow if I am offered the job( this is not the food service job I am mulling over, but another)....I hope I have my wits about me to turn it down and stop the dance of BIG MONEY in my head. I would hate it.  Though, I would love it if they offered it to me. I am very competitive and hope I win out over those other applicants. But please, not enough to blurt out "yes" like I did the last time. I knew I did not want that job. I placed a lot of land mines to ensure I would not be offered the job. They were stupid (did I say that out loud) and offerred it to me. And I was stupid ( capital S.) and took it.

Anyway, I like being unemployed. Heck, I don't know what day it is!!!

Oh yes, under the influence of the vodka I was able to get to the heart of the matter. I thought of this. Instead of thinking about writing the "novel" that I  have inside of me, I need to focus on the little stories inside of me. The short story.

It was a revelation.  Of a giant proportion.

(damn not having spell check)



Saturday, August 27, 2005

Interesting Week


I have been to Indianapolis and Detroit in the same week! On the way to Detroit, about 60 miles east we ran across two orchards! Hurray! An easy morning trip to Ohio. Also, discovered a beautiful lake area that appears very un-commercialized! That will be a day trip!

The Indianapolis interview was encouraging. The food service industry is very much like the beverage industry. Only, it seems a whole lot more money is to be made because you are neither given a car nor an allowance. That sucks in one way, but it enables them to encourage you to make as much money as you can with no ceilings!

The interview itself was same old same old.  Tell us about yourself...What did you like most about your last job? Etc. Etc. Etc.

He did throw me a curve ball. "Tell me the funniest thing that has happened to you." I just began laughing as I pictured myself falling infront of the oncoming traffic in Newport Ky this spring when I was perfectly sober having given up the juice for Lent. But I thought that would be too long....and perhaps he wouldn't see the humor in me giving up alcohol.

So I told him another story. One day Art and I were traveling together and I was telling him about Joe getting a new motorcycle.

"What kind is it?" He asked

"A Cock Rocker"  I replied.  I meant to say a Crotch Rocket.

He and I were laughing so hard I had to pull over. Tears were rolling down our faces.

Whenever Art sees Joe he asks, "How's that Cock Rocker?"

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Party's Over

All good things must end?  This is the beginning of the third week of non-work. I can admit wholeheartedly that I have loved every minute of it. I did stress a little about the money, because I had no idea I was going to do it when I did..resign. So I was ill prepared with the funds. Yet, if I was going to wait until I was financially ready to do it, it never would have happened.

So now I am beginning the process of finding another job. I had my first interview yesterday with an insurance company. I was so at ease I could not believe this was me. At ease and unprepared! He asked me what I wanted to do, after I admitted to him I was clueless about the job description for which I had applied. "Sales Manager". Okay, that's cool. "Have you ever managed anyone before?"

I should have been prepared for this question. I said no when in actuality, I have! At the ZZZ in Houston, I was the AM front desk manager! I had a whole staff that I got to boss around. At XYZ, I had Elaine who was my assistant.  I got to boss her around too, thought I loved her dearly and she was my good friend. While working for ABC, I actually managed all the branch offices across central Ky and So. Ohio.  I trained them and was responsible for their performance. What was I thinking when I said, "No."

He asked me what I was looking for. continue with a sales job. Because I love the competition, the feeling of closing the deal, and I just like people and the freedom that comes with sales.

What I would like is to find a sales position that pays extremely well, and has structure to it. Then he asked about XXX not finding a place for me (a valuable employee) after seven years. I told him that I was strongly encouraged to apply for a position in Ft. Wayne (sometimes it is very difficult to explain XXX to outsiders. And sometimes I just take for granted outsiders understand the structure of XXX)but that I felt I could do better than a X0,000 a yr, a car and a X0,000 bonus.

And as I said it, I realized I believed it!

Today I go to Indianapolis for a meeting tomorrow with a Food distributor.

I think that I am in a position for the first time in my life that I will not have to take a job out of desperation. I will be able to find the one with the best fit.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

One Perfect Day (part four)

The Midsummer Night's Run and the "Hunky" Brothers

Later that night the 21st annual Midsummer Night's Run was held in downtown Lexington. I could not believe my luck! First the Woodland Art Fair and now the biggest 5K race in Lexington.  It is unusual to hold the race in the evening. It makes for a wonderful change to run down the streets in the dark.

I called Omega to find out if they were going. I have no idea why she has a cell phone, because I can never get her to answer it! So, I donned my running shorts, tied up my running shoes, slipped on my knee brace and I was ready.

My mother took one look at the knee brace and handed me a bottle of.......gasp....Aspercreme!

"Aspercreme is your friend"...."Aspercreme is my new found Best Friend". Why has no one ever told me of this miraculous invention? I slathered it on and I was off.

A good estimate of the runners gathering in downtown would be around 5,000. My sister Omega's husband would be running, as he does every year. It is his only race and he trains for it. His brothers run it with him,along with their children in strollers or on foot, and an assortment of in-laws, which includes me! I began wandering around searching and thinking, "Now if I were the Hunky Brothers...where would I be?" Outside the Blue Martini Bar, naturally! But, I could not find them.(Yes, they were there! On the other side!)

I ambled up to the front of the crowd and just waited.  I knew sooner or later I would catch sight of one of them, as one BIL is about 6-3.  Finally success!!! There they are, hunky as ever.

It was a charmed day, nothing could go wrong. I knew I would find them.

The day had been a cruel 96 degrees, but as the evening rolled in, so did a temperature drop. So, I ran the first mile. Bad idea! Even though the temps were down, the humidity was a killer! I walked the last 2+ miles.

Afterwards I went over to one of the hunky brothers homes where my phone averse sister was parked by the swimming pool.  It was a nice time.

When I went home to Mom's house, I could not fall asleep.  I had been up for almost 21 hours and still I was not one bit sleepy.  The day had been so wonderful. Filled with family, friends and peaches. I was buzzing from the excitement that accompanies a race.  I was happy to be with Mom and Dad.

When a day is that perfect, it is sad to bring down the curtain.


(Omega's husband is second from the right. The photo is from a newspaper article about "hottie carpenter's you know". One of the wives nominated them. They were the feature...natch! They are the Hunky brothers!)

Monday, August 22, 2005

One Perfect Day (part three)

Woodland Art Fair

I could not have picked a more perfect weekend to visit home! I had realized earlier in the day that the annual Woodland Arts Fair was taking place in Lexington.  I could not wait to go. In other words, there was some money burying a hole in my pocket!

Woodland is named in the top 50 Art Fairs in the country! And with good reason. Every booth in the Park is first class. Not one single trash and trinket vendor is allowed. They are banished to the streets and front yards surrounding the Park. This also means, some very high end and expensive treasures.

I'm like a kid in a candy shop.  I have to wander around and look at everything first. I am mainly interested in photographs. I spend a lot of time in James Archambeault's "gallery". He is a famous and respected photographer specializing in landscapes. I am taken with the Thoroughbred photographs, in particular a magnificent Secretariat prancing in the waning light! I decided to continue to look around before making any purchases.

Then I stumbled on Wiwat. Scientist and Artist. I had discovered him last year in Louisville, at the Cherokee Triangle Art Fair. At that time, he had the most delicate earrings he designed with tiny polished  pastel colored stones. Exquisite. At that time I had purchased a pair and went home and unfortunately left them in the small brown paper bag, wrapped in white tissue paper. Joe tossed them away! I was stricken and remembered his card was in my purse and emailed him. He was gracious enough to help me replace the discarded pair with not one......but 10 pairs of his beautiful creations.

"Are you the Scientist from Oak Ridge?" I asked him. He nodded yes. "Well, I am Mary! I met you at the Cherokee Triangle in Louisville, I emailed you after my husband tossed away the bag!" He remembered, how could he not!

I purchased five sets this time. His creations have developed into more intricate designs with different mediums. Still gorgeous stuff.

And, I got the "best customer in Kentucky" discount!

(this year on left.....last year on right)

One Perfect Day (part two)

Reed Valley Orchard

Mentally I made a list of all the things I wanted to cram into this beautiful Saturday. First on the list, was a trip to Reed Valley Orchard because it is north of Lexington and easily navigated from the highway.

I decided to take a detour of sorts and exited onto Pike 36 and made the 25 mile trek through the hills and fields of central bluegrass. This is what my heart misses. The twisty roads that take you up to a crest where a breathtaking panoramic view of foothills, forests, fenced in fields, and the ripened golden yellow tobacco bases are laid out below you.

Where every field is fenced and the trees grace the side of the road, their heavy heads leaning towards each other crating a canopy of soft green dancing light as you travel under. The wildflowers are in full bloom despite the extremely dry and hot summer.  I see the purple iron weed, the white Queen Anne lace, and my favorite, the blue chicory, which is everywhere. I am home.

Reeds Orchard was packed on a late Saturday morning. I went around the store in search of the absolute best Hot Red pepper jelly in the world! And suddenly, there it was, hidden on a shelf, pushed to the back. (I realize it does not sound appetizing, but on a cracker with cream cheese.....heaven.)  When I finally made it to the counter I asked the clerk if she had anymore than the two jars on the shelf. I bought every jar she had in the back. And two pecks of peaches, please.

They only had the half-pecks out. So she asked me to be patient, she would get my peaches from the back.

Then a huge crowd hit! I wandered outside and enjoyed the sultry 96 degree temperature and the expansive apple tree orchard.  People kept coming and coming. Buying ice cream, picking their own peaches, buying half-pecks.

I stand to the back and wait....and wait...and wait...and wait. She is very apologetic and finally gets the owner to bring out the full pecks for me.  Everyone tells me how sorry they are.

Big Deal. I have my peaches.  I have my Hot Red Pepper Jelly.

"I gave you a discount", she whispered to me.  A pretty hefty discount! She knocked off ten bucks!!!

Patience is a virtue......and will get you a discount!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

One Perfect Day

August 20, 2005

I awoke and found my decrepit knee was no longer hurting! Well, just a little, but it was amazing. Nothing short of a miracle. That was the beginning of the most perfect day I have had in a long, long time. In fact, I can not remember ever having a day like this one ever before.

I decided I needed to go in search of the Perfect Peach. Much to my dismay and disappointment, there are no Peach Orchards in this neck of the woods. I had been rolling around in my mind the thought that I should go visit my Mom and Dad. No better time than now, considering the Peach deprivation.

I headed South early Saturday morning clueless that this was going to be one of the best days of my life!

It was like a child's game, the one that has little holes under a plastic dome and the objective is get all these little metal balls into the holes all at the same time. Life is never life that. So rarely is everything all in place at one time. When it occurs, it is magic. I think the trick may be to realize it is happening when it happens.

I was in search of the Perfect Peach! I was headed to the only orchard in Kentucky where I knew the perfect peach would exist, if it could. My knee felt great, I had my new favorite CD's blaring, the sun was shining.

While cruising to Ashley MacIsaac I decide to bite the bullet. I call the automatic teller at my bank to check on funds. Much to my astonishment, I was paid for the entire month! (hard to believe, but my ex-company pays the salaried employees once a month, on or about the 20th).

Maybe its a mistake! I don't care. I'm going to spent that money (and move it as fast as I can in case they realize their mistake). Or maybe after seven and one half years they thought, just maybe, I deserved it.

What a great day and it is only 8am!!!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Guest Editor

In Living Color

Guess who is Guest Editor this week!!!! ME!!! Mary in charge! Fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy ride. (Thank you Joe and AOL)
It appears my curse for the past several months has been this...if it appears easy, it is not!! I have so many favorite journals that I read, to pick out only a handful was extremely difficult. Yet, I persevered and narrowed it down to several journals that I believe have not been featured as of yet. 
In no particular order..............

A Spiritual Journey by Michael. How did I find this journal? I don't know, but I love it. Michael is telling his story in such a fascinating fashion that I am going to use his words to describe it."The  journal chronologically documents my life, which has been rather exciting, and at times, pretty dark...and my musical journey...which is ongoing.  It includes my gigs with bands like AC/DC, Buddy Guy, Rick Derringer, and many, many others." He is very gifted and I wait with anticipation for each new entry.
One-Way Passage. What can I say about Jon that does not sound like I am gushing on and on! He is a multi faceted individual who is a fabulous writer. Okay, I'm going to gush. He is interesting, smart, witty, funny, good looking and man oh man, can this guy write. His observations and comments range  from the events in the Walmart parking lot to his poignant entries about his family.
A Pennies Worth written by Penny. And in my opinion is one of the best journals in AOL- Journal land. She is blond and proud! I stumbled on Penny's journal sometime ago and each one of her entries has been filled with wisdom, humor, compassion and something magical. She is one of the most endearing and positive attitude woman I have had the honor to read.
Coming to Terms with Middle Age by Lisa. Now this is one smart lady! Her entries can leave you thinking for days. Lisa and I began our journals around the same time and I do not think I have missed a single one of her entries. I can't say enough nice things about her.
Lotus Martinis by Gigi.  This journal just has to be experienced. It defies description! The AOL-Journal IT girl if ever there is one! Another gifted writer!
Hey, I see a pattern forming here!
The above journals have been my Friends for a long time.  As our Journal community approaches its second birthday and continues to grow one can not help but remember how it was in the beginning. When the community spirit was born. There are lots of new journals that are worthy of attention and yet it is difficult to find them. Here are two that I recently ran across and find very enjoyable.
Mark's Daily Journal by Mark (gasp!!). A truly sensitive and nice man, Mark is a wonderful artist and shares his talent with us. Lucky us.
CeeGee at Large by Cyndy. Very new and very entertaining! This girl is gif crazy! I'm certain that this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
And last, a non-AOL journal that I love. Super Hero Journal by Andrea. A truly inspiring journal with a very talented young woman who is a writer, a creative jewelry designer, a wonderful photographer and a terrific person. Her entries are works of art.
Trust me.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

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Monday, August 15, 2005

My new Life of Leisure

My Day so Far

Since resigning last Wednesday, I have been decompressing. Saturday I realized I was no longer obsessing about it. This morning I thoroughly felt the freedom.

I slept until 5:30am instead of getting up at 4am! Hopefully my internal alarm clock will back down to around 6am. That will be so sweet.

I was able to stake all my tomato plants. I planted them very late in the season after arriving here, and they have grown into a jungle. I am finally being rewarded with their fruit.

I went to the New Haven walk way and spent over an hour walking and running. In July I pulled a muscle in my knee. Due to my need to relieve stress, I continued to run. By the time I got up to five miles, my right knee blew! I now have a knee brace and hope if I take it slow, my old friend will hang in there.

I finished The Mermaid Chair. I have only been reading it for a month! I would read 10 or so pages and fall asleep! It was pretty good. Went to the local library and got a card. I was able to find The Time Travelers Wife!

I signed up for a Black and White & Hand colored Photography class. I am so excited!!!!!! (yea! Feeling something again) Going to learn how to use the dark room and then how to hand color the photo's.

Dusted off my old Canon 35mm. Loaded with film and plan to take on a small hike this afternoon to check out the mechanics.  It has been a long time since I have used the camera.

Planted mums in the front yard.

Painted the bird house white and red like the barns on Calumet farm.

Answered five help wanted ads.

I could get use to this.

Friday, August 12, 2005


I resigned from my job. After seven and a half years with the same company, I am now unemployed. I could not take one minute longer at that Hell Hole of a Sales center. I tried my best, realized my weaknesses, began to read the Seven Habits of Highly Successful People and incorporate them into my work day. I got up earlier, worked harder, stayed later, did everything possible I could to "get it" but missed the mark.

I would come home at night and feel like I had been physically beat up. The constant negative feed back was eating me alive. Sucking the life out of me.

I do not feel anything anymore. No joy, no anticipation, no passion, no happiness, no interest, no humor, no exuberance, nothing. Just dread and sadness.

When I felt like I would rather eat Rat Poison than return I knew it was time to call Human resources and explore my options.

Being able to resign effective immediately was an option. The Labor Relation guy told me they had gotten along without me before I arrived, they could cover the territory with me gone.

I never felt right in that position. The shoes! I dressed like a man rather that the sexy hot Mama I am. I felt like I had left working the front office and landed in the basement.

I still am in shock. My self confidence is in shambles. I am numb. I am going to take some time to heal from this horrible, dreadful, overwhelmingly awful experience.

 I think I will burn those shoes in effigy

Thursday, August 11, 2005



'Nuff said.





Last year when Omega and I went together to the Festival I realized we had not spent so much one on one time together since she was a young child. I am older than my sisters and much of their growing up was done when I was already out of the house.

As we become older, we have become much closer. Recently we have been having one medical crisis after another with both my parents.  There is nothing that will bring a family together faster than an emergency.

Each of them has considerable stregnth and talents. Omega is one of the smartest women I know, and unfortunetly, a little insecure despite everything. Kit is the most loving and generous person on the face of the earth. She has become a rock for me in regards to my parents. I am very guilty and concerned having moved so far from Mom and Dad. Kit, even though she lives in Louisville, has stepped right in and taken the reins from me.

All three of us are different variations of my Mom. Scary and wonderful all at the same time.

We were planning a trip to Ireland together, the three girls alone and together, this year but it fell through due to my circumstances with the move and the job situation. It saddens me that it did not happen.

It would have been the trip of a lifetime.



Last year, my sister Omega and I attended the Dublin Irish Festival primarily to see The Saw Doctors, the main headliner in a three day marathon of Celtic music. Last year I found Tempest on stage Saturday afternoon and was totally blown away and became a fan for life.

This year, I had not heard of a single band of the eight featured on the Celtic Rock stage. Omega had seen Seven Nations and was eagerly looking forward to seeing them again. They were great! Fiddle, bagpipes, mandolin.  Great stuff.

I was impressed by all of them! But, if I had to choose who was my favorite, it would be Ashley MacIsaac the scorching viloin player from Nova Scotia. I was totally mesmerized by his mind blowing range of emotion with the instrumnet. From foot stomping rock-n-roll Celtic style, to hauntingly beautiful melodies. Mouth dropping and head shaking bewilderment at the talent one 29 year old can possess.

I can not wait to see them again.


Wednesday, August 10, 2005



The funniest experience we had at the Irish Festival was had at the Sneaky Peat tent. Naturally there are hundreds of booths set up where you can purchase anything from authentic Irish candy, to beautiful hand crafted harps, to...well, genuine Irish Peat.

Peat is compresed turf from Irish bogs. The fuel of many fireplaces in the old country. It smells like home.

My sister Kit decided to purchase a log for my Mom.  I stood in line with her, gripping a box of Irish Bar-B-Q peat for the barbie. She went first and asked Sneaky exact instructions for use.

He went on for ten minutes with her. I think he had the hots for her. He would not let her go! He asked questions such as, "Where is the fireplace, inside or out? In Ireland, in the hearth, outside Ireland, outside the hearth." He did illustrations with his hands simulating the fireplace and asked Kit where the coolest part of the fire should be.

Folks, it went on forever!  It was as if they were the only two in the tent. I was doubled over laughing at times. All the people standing in line waiting for a taste of Sneaky Peats' roast and a chance to speak with this Irish renegade with the Donegal accent laughed along with us and waited patiently.

With the exception of one who had the audacity to interrupt his flirting with a question, "Is that a pig pork shoulder?"

He stopped, rolled his eyes and said, "No, it is a lamb pork shoulder.  Come tomorrow and it will be a chicken pork shoulder."

His sharp tongue and burning wit reminded me of my Nana.

After he finished with each of us, he would bless us with the holy water of  Ireland, Irish whiskey, squirted on our spot of pork roast and then in our open mouths! I was too close and laughing too hard to get a shot of Kit getting the blessing but I did manage to get one picture of this guy lucky enough to be served before Sneaky Peat fell in love with my sister.



The Musicians

Last year, Joe and I went to Ireland for our honeymoon. We stumbled into a town called Ennis in County Clare where a music festival, called the Fleadh Nua, was just ending. The musicans were everywhere and gathering in the pubs, sitting together and playing the traditional music of Ireland.

It was magical.

At the Irish Festival, the musicians came in droves and brought along their instruments. They gathered under the tents that were stationed at various spots in the park and played the traditional music together.

It was heaven.

Tuesday, August 9, 2005


Being charged by Medieval Ireland type Rogues from 1000 years ago.

First of all, let me say that we arrived at the Dublin Irish Festival Friday afternoon and stayed till Sunday afternoon.  We saw everthing, and somethings several times.

The Irish Living History Society of Central Ohio endeavors to recreate the daily life of early medieval Ireland 1000 years ago. Metalworking, woodturning, combat and weaponry are just a few of the ongoing demonstrations.

Especially the combat!

We should have been more prepared when the announcer warned us they were going to rush us.

You should have heard the children scream! I knew to back off with my camera. I know all about boys with toys!


Irish Dancing

How do they do that? Long ago, the dance masters would travel from village to village and teach the art of Irish dancing. The dresses are to die for! Costing from $700 upwards. The black and orange and green dresses are usually the outfits of a dance school.  When one is a soloist, they have intricately beautiful costumes in varying colors with designs from the Book of  Kells.

I heard (maybe while in Ireland) that the Irish dance hold their hands rigid against their sides as a symbol of the bondage still inflicted upon their country.

I really enjoyed the dances with the hard shoe. When they would kick thier legs and pass thier feet, they were somehow able to click the heels together.  I also loved the sound of the STOMP on the floor!

The hair is trippy. (wig)


Monday, August 8, 2005


Pipe and Drum

At the Festival there are six main music tents.  My second favorite is the Scott's Irish Thunder stage.  It is under the huge tan and green awning where the more traditional Scottish music is heard.  They are Celtic also, so it is all good.

There is something so gut wrenching about a Pipe and Drum Band. The music seems to fill the air around you and linger long after the instruments are silent.

This is the Columbus Police & Fire Pipe & Drum.  The whole area was packed for the performance. Standing room only. There was even audience participation, which I have never witnessed before. Many in the crowd lifted their arms with the main Drum at the conclusion.  It was, it was reverent.

Afterwards, I wandered down one of the main drags and found my Sister and her clan sitting on the grassy medium.  As we sat there, crowd watching, I heard them coming.

The crowd parted and allowed them to pass.  It was a beautiful sight and a beautiful sound.



THE FOOD!!!!!!!

My step daughter is demonstrating restraint as she shows me her tasty treat of Irish Stew served in a bread bowl. Yummy.

My favorite......


Sunday, August 7, 2005


Number Ten - The Dog's of  Ireland Exhibit

Last year my sister and I traveled to the Dublin Irish Festival in Ohio and had such a great, wonderful, unforgettable experience we returned this weekend for the 2005 festival. My other sister, Kit, came along too. As did numerous other family members like husbands and kids.

Last year Omega fell in love with the Irish Terrier. They are wonderful with children, are rather small, and do not shed! She was thrilled when she realized this was the same dog from last year!He had a haircut and was show ready!

Kit would have purchased one of the Glen-of-Imaal-terrier puppies that were at the Dog Exhibit but they were already spoken for. You would not believe the asking price!!! There are only 25 breeders in the United States.

I have to admit, this is one cute puppy. I exhaled a little sigh of relief myself....




Wednesday, August 3, 2005


"There's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home..."

Several years ago I was on  a puddle jumper from Cincinnati to Lexington.  As we were landing at the Bluegrass Airport, we were coming in from the North.  As we approached, we were flying over Calumet Farm, the famous throughbred horse farm in Fayette Co, home to at least six Kentucky Derby winners.

The plane was very low, as the run way is directly across the highway from the farm.  The passengers on the plane were all pressed against the window glass.  Below us was a group of horses running under the plane, their beautiful sleek bodies stretched out  in full stride against the brilliant green grass.  Running, racing towards the blinding white washed fences trying to out run the plane.

There is nothing as beautiful as the central Kentucky bluegrass.

It is only when what we love is missing from our lives that we fully realize that what we love is also what we take for granted.

Never take beauty or love or being too familiar for granted.

This is my oasis.... 


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Monday, August 1, 2005


Downtown Louisville facing South on 4th St.  11th Floor of the 800 Building.

This past Saturday afternoon I drove home. I left Ft. Wayne at 4pm and Sunday afternoon, around the same time, I was headed back.

Twenty-four hours was all I needed. Twenty-four hours was all it took. I feel so much better. Revived. Rejuvenated.  The dark cloud has lifted, at least for the time being.

As I was nearing the bridge on I-65 that spans the Ohio River, I could see Louisville begin to spread before me. My heart began to swell, my chest became tight and yes I began to cry. I was home.

I wandered up and down Bardstown Rd. in the Highland area trying to capture "night pictures" with my camera while waiting on my daughter. They are a disaster! The manual suggested a tripod! ( after five months of having this camera, I finally break open the manual!) HA! Now that I know it can be done, I just need to know how to do it. The Highland area is so alive with people, entertainment, pubs, book stores, skate shops, restaurants, esoteric shops every where you look. Thriving and colorful, bursting with excitement! I just wish I could have captured its essence with the camera. Next time, when I am more practiced.

After visiting with family for all to brief a time, I headed back. The route this time was through Cincinnati!

Hello Trader Joe's!!!! I spent a small fortune in there. Do I really need Trader Joe's Toaster Sesame Oil? Or Thai Red Curry? Trader Giotto's Artichoke Antipasto? Yes...yes...YES!!! It is so much fun to shop there.

This is how I do it. Cafe Twists Chocolate Chip $2.49, "That's 3/4 of a pack of cigarettes that I do not smoke any longer" as I toss it into the cart.

James Keller & Son Dundee Orange Marmalade $3.49, "That's a pack of cigarettes I don't smoke anymore." Toss it into the cart with the honey peanut butter (2/3 pack) and the chocolate covered cherries (two packs).

It is said, "You can't go home again." I say, "The hell you can't".