Thursday, September 20, 2007

September Entry

I glance over at the meter thinking it is getting close to my forth year of blogging and I'm's tomorrow. Since the debacle of November 2005 and the subsequent exodus of hundreds of AOL journalers, I have been doing most my blogging elsewhere and only occasionally returning "home".

A few days ago I decided to do some housekeeping in my "favorites" window. I began to delete so many old friends, old friends in the sense that I visited their blogs/journals on a regular basis.

Some names might be familiar...


                 Just One Girls Head Noise

                 Surrounded by Nincompoops

                 A Life in SloMotion

                 Journey to Peace

                 Brand New Day

                 A Pennies Worth

                 Hippies in Yuppieland


                 A Day in the life of Sheila P

                 What a Difference a Day Makes

                 Single Womans Guide to the Universe

                 Trickle of Semi-consciousness

                 Stories from my Ambulance

                 My Elegant Chaos

                 Life as I see it

                 Jukebox Woman

                 The Golden Child

Ahhhh....The good old days!

My other Blog is Just a Hippie Gypsy at Blogger!