Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Ireland Bound

I will be gone from Thrusday the 27th and returning on June 5th!  That's some vacation!  I will miss you all!  Tell the Blogfather my homework will be late.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Land of Leprechauns and Poets






The Mullet.



Bloody Foreland.




The lyrical names of places and hamlets in Ireland is mystical as well as poetic.  Is it any wonder it is the home of leprechauns and poets? 

48 hours and I will be on my way to the home of my ancestors. 

Friday, May 21, 2004

Brides of Frankenstein

This is a picture of my First Communion when I was in Second grade attending catholic grammar  school. This is the core group of kids I went through my entire grammar school experience with.  With the exception of Cynthia, the tallest girl in the middle who left after second grade. The rest of us graduated six years later together.  Granted, we added several more bodies. Pat flunked third grade and joined us, John and Mark arrived in 4th grade, Mike and Moose in fifth, Smarter Mike in sixth etc. etc.  The girls only admitted Frieda in third, and Debbie in eighth. My point is this, I still see and know these people 40 some odd years later. (wow).


I am the one on the end on the left. The holiest looking one.  Next to me is the devil, Brenda.  On the far right is Shelly and next to her in the gold shoes (which unfortunately I cropped out of this picture) is evil Missy.


Brenda, Missy and I were locked in a power struggle for all our years together.  It was terrible!  A best friendship triangle.  It is so sad that when I think of a best friend of my second grade that I don't have wonderful memories of sharing egg salad sandwiches with a best friend.  I was actually engaged in a battle for the affection and attention of Brenda, the Evil Mistress of the Playground.


Every so often the pendulum would swing, then Missy was her best friend and they would ignore me.  I would have to take up with Shelly or Frieda for the duration.  Then, just as suddenly it would all change and I was the chosen one and Missy was out and she had to hang with Shelley.


Every so often, Missy and I would form an alliance and freeze out Brenda,  These times were rare and short lived.  Then the retribution was swift and murderous.


Is it any wonder I have a very difficult time forming relationships with women?  I'm always on the look out for the betrayal!  Actually, I have realized that the seven years that this torturous game was played probably made me neurotic. 


Oh, this one was kind of sad!

Monday, May 17, 2004

The Dope on Elopement

I wish it were six months from now.  I find that I am like a gold prospector.  The silt, mud, and excess water drain away as I pan.  I am left with gold nuggets.  My story stripped of all the unnecessary.


I-75 South.  It was lit up in the afternoon sunlight.  Things took on an intensity that became slightly surreal to my senses.  The farm land and horse country gave way to rolling hills.  They gave way to the dense forests of Daniel Boone National Forest. Then, the majestic beginning of the Smoky Mountains.  The sun was low in the West when we crossed the state line giving the world a magical glow   It was magical that evening.


We drove up and down the two streets of Jellico looking for what I assumed would be the chapel of love!  Jellico is renown for elopements.  Famous actually.  Did I expect a Las Vegas, Brittney Spears experience?  I don't know what I expected, whatever it was I could not find it.


I spotted the police station and pulled in.  I spoke to a handsome young officer and was informed that we needed to go to the County Clerks office in the morning and purchase a marriage license. They would call the chapel and set up the ceremony. The officer was so sweet. “When do you expect to get married?” “Tonight! I have him tied up in the back seat.  Ready to go!“


It did not happen until the next morning.  It was a miracle it happened then.  In our haste to leave neither of us took any cash!  We barely had enough with the help of the ATM machine.  The chapel took a check, thank God.  I was determined.  There was no way I was leaving the state still a Miss.  I was going to present the most heartfelt persuasion ever delivered in that mountain town. That was not necessary.


We were married at 1130am on May 13th. I wore my Nana’s watch.  Jake, the director of tourism for Jellico was our best man and witness.  Uncle Sam was the preacher.  He did a fine job. If I were asked if I wanted anything in particular read, I would have requested 1Corinthians 13. I was not to be disappointed.  He read it at the very end.


We were the 77th couple to be married in the chapel since its resurrection in January 2003.  Our first task together as a married couple was to ring the church bell together seven times.


That, my friends, was music to my ears.


Saturday, May 15, 2004

For Bill

I want to thank everyone for your well wishes and congratulations.  I am still buzzing and so happy! 

Bill knows( ) knows why this entry is dedicated to him.  He should be proud of me, it only took me four weeks to figure it all out.  He helped me and he stayed on me to complete that assignment!  And I'm so glad he did.  Thanks Bill!

Thought I would do my weekend assignment from Scalzi,  the Blogfather. Most memorible encounter with a celerbity. 

Now I live in central Kentucky.  We do not have movie star type celebrities walking around here very often.  We have a few film crews that need our beautiful bluegrass background for horse films every so often.  But the Toby McGuire sightings did not include me, thought I enjoyed listening to those who did.


I have met several rock stars in my hotel cocktail waitressing days.  Eddie Money, Gregg Allman, Dickie Betts.  I was more acquainted with the Bluegrass Music stars who frequented a bar I worked.  Ricky Skaggs, Keith Whitley, Bela Fleck to name a few.  If you are not a Bluegrass fan, these names more than likely mean nothing.


To narrow it all down though, the most memorible encounter with a celebrity happened about two years ago.  I was attending a football invitational at one of my accounts.  It was a really big deal and I had to do the coin toss....but that is another story......Anyway, I was sitting in the V.I.P. lounge watching the ball game from high up with food and having a  great time.  We were sitting at this counter type table that faced the glass window that looked out at the field. 


I realized someone had takena seat next to me, and as I glanced at him I thought he looked really familiar.  It took about two seconds for me to realize this was none other than Coach Joe B. Hall!!!!!!


If you are a University of Kentucky fan, you understand.  Joe Hall was hand picked as the successor to lead the stongest basketball program in the country.  The torch was passed from Coach Adolph Rupp, the most famous of  all college basketball coaches.  In Bluegrass country, I was sitting next to royality.


He was so gracious and nice.  I say something like this to him, "I bet people tell you all the time that you look just like Joe B. Hall?"


Once it was established he was Joe B. Hall I said something like this, "Oh Coach, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the 1978 NCAA tournament title!" I'm certain I was all breathless and starry eyed.


It really was a thrill for me to talk to him for ten minutes realizing what a nice old county boy he really and truly is.  And how he appreciated, 25 years later, that people do not forget.  


Friday, May 14, 2004


Joe and I eloped and were married Thursday at 1130am in Jellico, Tennessee.

I'm so giddy I can't stand it!

Friday, May 7, 2004

Best Birthday Gift

I can not wear a watch. I have the uncanny ability to stop them with the greatest of ease. I once was caught in a torrential down pour running to my dormitory and destroyed the non-waterproof watch I was wearing. While traveling to San Diego, passing over three time zones, I changed the time on my watch and it never worked again. I lost the most beautiful emerald studded watch at the Horse Park several years ago. It just fell off my wrist . I did not realize it until much later. It goes on and on. I have no idea why I have such an adverse effect on watches? Over the years I have learned to live with it. I cope with not wearing a watch. I also have an uncanny ability to be able to tell time by guessing "Feels like its about 2:30" and astonishing enough, it is!

In 1972 when my Nana died, my mother gave me two of her possessions. One was a set of the prettiest wine cups, the top of the heavy glass stained red. And her 14K gold wrist watch. On the back of the watch is engraved her name "Mary". Nana was called Mollie, but her name was Mary Ann.

I am terrified to wear this watch. And I have never worn it. It is in a special place in my jewerly box. I know that if I ever put it on, well the result will be ugly. So, it is kept hidden away, and to tell the truth, I had forgotten about it.

Until that fateful day that Joe told me his daughter (who was around six at the time) had "borrowed" the watch out of my jewerly box and taken it home. I went nuts. Even though I had not thought of nor seen the watch for what must have been 25 years, I was crazed! The watch had been lost! It had been left at one of her little friends house. I was now crying and in a highly agitated state.

Two months later the watch was found. Joe gave it to me and as I looked at it a funny feeling came over me. I had not seen this watch for years and years. I was dismayed that the watch had one of those stretchy bands and the face looked dirty and.......kind of cheap. It broke my heart to actually think of my Nana having this watch as one of her most precious possessions. I put it into another special secret hiding place that maybe a six year old would not find this time.

When my birthday arrived Joe lavishly presented a small box to me. I ripped it open (jewerly! The best sort of present!) Inside was a 14K gold watch totally refurbished, polished and working.

After the incident, Joe felt so bad that he began looking all over the house for the watch  before telling me that the watch could not be found. He  ran across this watch  and thinking it couldn't be my Nana's watch.....his daughter had taken Nana's watch....He took it to a watch repair and had it put into working order.

I flipped it over..."Mary". I cried tears of relief, guilt, and something even deeper. I began to think that this act of caring from him was the sweetest and most appreciated show of love I have received from him.

That is my most memorable birthday gift.  

Tuesday, May 4, 2004

Hodge Podge


I am in one of those moods where I am cranky.  Is there a full moon?  There is a lot going on at work that makes me uncomfortable.  Antsy.  Conflicted.  Unsure. Apprehensive.  Nervous. It is only natural that the negativity crosses over into my personal affairs. If I get through today, I should be okay for another week.

On a happier note, its May!  This month brings not only lovely sunshine and warmer weather but it brings a month of delicious activity.  In approximately three weeks I leave for Ireland.  I have two travel books that I have barely touched.  Somehow I have a feeling that the family I am traveling to meet will provide enormous entertainment for us.  I have on my "must see" list, the Blarney Castle, Woodfield (the old family estate), and The cliffs of Moher.  My sister tells me we should rent a car and see the magic of the country by just driving. (good advice, bad advice)?  

Mother's day is Sunday and Bridget is taking me to see George Carlin as a gift.  The gift of laughter.  My favorite gift. 

Also, my cousin from Penn and her husband are coming to town to see my Mom and her Mom, who has arrived for a lengthily stay with my Mom.  This coming weekend should be a blast.  

There is a reunion of sorts at my High School.  Once a year they throw a Spring Fling and all the alumni come to dance and partake of the open bar.  Catholic, don't ya know.  That is being held this month. 

Added to that,  my company is celebrating their 100th anniversary of existence in this fair city.  A swanky affair at Keeneland with a jazz band, food and semiformal attire.  I love to dress up and play Cinderella every once in a while.  

Last,  but not least, is the Taste of the Bluegrass event that takes place also at Keeneland which is an event that I look forward to every year.  All the restaurants and related industries show themselves and their specialties off in one evening of great fun and overindulgence.   

 Interspersed are several runs, one at the Louisville Zoo!    How can I feel blue with so much to look forward to?