Saturday, April 23, 2011

N is for NO MORE

When we moved to this area two years ago I immediately spotted this piece of Americana sitting not two miles from our new home. Although neglected and seemingly forgotten she remained magnificent. She also stood as a daily reminder of a time long ago when families traveled the two lane highways in search of adventure. And everyone in the South knew about Rock City.

This barn, which sat on a hill overlooking highway 79 into Clarksville, was one of less than 100 barns left to lure us to Rock City, a tourist attraction outside Chattanooga.

Sadly, the barn was demolished last year and replaced with a MacMansion.

Progress? Some would say in todays economy this was a sign that the times are getting better.

I think it means that the times are all about a buck.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

M is for Morning

When I was offered the job at the Beverage Company I was told, "And the day starts at 7am." I began laughing because it sounded absurd. Crazy Eddie started laughing too and added, "Sometimes earlier!!"

He wasn't joking!

On the way to a 6am meeting I received a telephone call that it was called off! The nerve!

I pulled over at Keeneland and parked the car and brooded and probably thought about the paper work I could be working on when the sun began to rise.

It was breathtaking! The colors were overwhelming. I found this on my memory stick, I do not think it is the best shot, but it captures that magical sunrise all the same.

M is for Morning.

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Friday, April 8, 2011

L is for Love

It's ABC Wednesday again ...on Friday!

From Father's Day a long time ago. My two sisters at the old family homestead a life time and a half ago. Dad getting ready to take them swimming! My Pop was a great swimmer and took a lot of time to teach each of us how to do the Australian crawl the proper way. I was never a good free stylist but no one, not even the boys on the swim team, could beat me in the back stoke. Natural talent from my Pops.

He has been gone for over three years now but when I dream about him he is always young and happy - just like he is in this photo.

Love and Miss you Dad!