Monday, September 29, 2003


Of all the terrible things to happen this weekend, Joe ends up getting a DUI!  I am so torn up for him.  I guess that it is a wake up call for the both of us, that just perhaps there is a problem lurking when its 1am and you decide that you're going to drive to the house and pick up some stuff because you feel guilty for not being able to help that morning.

After drinking vodka. What is done is done.   It's not what you have done, its what you do after that matters.

Not a great way to begin again.  Now a DUI that needs to be dealt with.

Day by day, you never know what may happen.  Rule number one: do not drink and drive..never...never..never.

Saturday, September 27, 2003

Moving day

I am up at the usual ungodly hour of 5am.  My daughters boyfriend will help me with the move this morning.  I tried to hire someone who advertised in the "professional services" in the newspaper, but $300 was a little extreme. So, I have a U-haul rented and I'm poised and ready.

I have procrastinated about this for weeks and whatever happens today, I deserve.

Been an uneventful week, in terms of drama.  I have not run much, and it is a bad thing.  All those little aches and pains somehow manifest themselves into nagging injuries!  What muscle is on the top of your foot?  Whatever it is, it is killing me on the right foot, also the achilles tendon on the left hurts.  Note to self:  never stop running so the pain catches up.

Made a killer vegetable soup the other night.  Made the mistake of putting in a red chili pepper from last years garden!  Yikes.  No sinus problems this week.  Joe said he had to open a window to cool him down.

Its 6am already and the rain has not stopped falling.  Could be one or those days that you never ever want to remember.

Thursday, September 25, 2003

Thursday morning blah's

I just realized I am in a rant and rave mood.  I am looking forward to a weekend that will include my moving for the third time in less than two years!  Do not look forward to it.  But...I am moving back with Joe.  We were suppose to be married last Monday, eloping in Tenn., but the situation with my Dad postponed that adventure to a later date.

But, I still had given my land lord notice, so I must be gone.  And I hate, dread, grit my teeth about the move!  Yikes.

I also am dragging my heels about being "in the market" for my job.  I envy those people who sleep past 5:15 am.  I envy those who can rise on thier own pleasure early to take an early morning run before work.  I need to be out by 7am.  Usually in the office at 7am.  Last week, I ran almost every day.  I logged in over 30 miles last week.  My mile is getting down to the under 10 minute mark.  I love that.  In my age group, I might start picking up 3rd place!  The next run is Oct. 11 in a little town called Midway.  Should be a flat course.

It is the first run for this event, and I hope it attracts a lot of people.  The Chicago Marathon is that week-end, so we will see.

Sunday, September 21, 2003

Sunday morning thoughts

This is the last day of my so called vacation.  I was suppose to get married last Monday, but certain circumstances prevented the event.  My Dad developed congestive heart failure and was taken into the hospital Friday a week ago.  He will be 84 on his next birthday.

It was a very tense three days, and then, by a miracle, he was able to sit up and eat a full breakfast of mush foods on Monday!  His first steps on the road to recovery.

I have five brothers and sisters.  I am the oldest.  Peggy is the youngest. On Sunday night, the evening before he ate for the first time in three days, she held his had and repeatedly asked him if he knew who she was.  He didn't.  Finally she gave up and as she left, she told him she loved him.  "Do you love me Dad?".  He shook his head and looked stern. This really upset her and she tried again, "I love you Dad, please tell me you love me!".  He motioned her closer to him, and she leaned towards him.  "I have a wonderful wife", he explained to her, "We both come from Irish backgrounds".

I spent the night with Dad that night and when Peggy came back that morning I told her that Dad had no desire to see the husband-stealing blond wench who was in the room the night before!