Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Another sun face! For the past eight months I have passed The Concrete Lany which is on the west side of I-65 heading towards Louisville. Totally intriguing place with huge Bears, Rhino's and a large Jesus among various other animals, minerals and vegetables that span several acres! I found the entrance while lost the other day and returned yesterday for a look see. And what did I see? More sun faces!!! This one was so interesting and actually only occupied a corner of a photo that I cropped off. Doesn't it look like a sky of stars in the ceiling of the porch?

I was looking for a bird feeder (that was my story to gain access to the premises without causing suspicion) because I had met this guy while waiting to be called to the Customer Service desk at Dr. Bizers (don't ask) and he talked nonstop for ten minutes about his garden and yard until my name was barked out. Since he had to stop his longwinded soliloquy, which was fascinating once I understood it was not my purpose to ask any questions or to interject any comments of my own,  but to only nod my head and make the expected facial expressions at the required moments.  I saw my break to ask about the Japanese beetles in the area when he was sitting looking slightly winded and forlorn and the lady behind the counter went to find my records.

Birds, he told me. Birds will take care of them. Bluejays and the such. I can't remember which bird he did not like (I do not like starlings) but he shuddered at the mention of another species. Never harm a bird, he told me.(duh, haven't we all read To Kill A Mockingbird. I guess I would kill a buzzard if I had to, but even buzzards have their place and need).

"And grasshoppers. Never kill a grasshopper."

Do grasshoppers help with the Jap beetles, or just never kill them? Anyway, he also hipped me that you can buy grasshoppers at a nursery. I have never seen any cages of grasshoppers for sale at the nurseries I have visited. Maybe I frequent the wrong ones.

I should go to his neck of the woods. I wouldn't mind running into him again. As long as I have nothing to say.

Going Private is Exausting

Am I having second thoughts? Yes and no. Yes because I know I will miss someone, someone who will think like I think. Which means they will think I don't want them reading my journal. Which could not be further from the truth.

The truth is that the subjects I have burning in me right now involve other people and I am not certain that it is an ethical thing to do. Which is, airing the laundry of others while washing mine.

I love to write. My mother has been hearing from friends far and near since Dad's passing. One of these long ago friends, our next door neighbor in the "old neighborhood" sent her a copy of the KILMER NEWS which I wrote in 1962, and no doubt, tried selling door to door and they were my only customers (because they are/were the dearest people).

If my scanner weren't broken I would scan the front page for y'all. Here is the lead story...

"Dogie S. Mashed his finger on car door.        


Dougie was playing in his fathers car. He tried to close the door, but he had his finger in the door. He had a broken finger one second later. He went to the doc he said that it would heal all by it's self."

I was so cute.  And see how tough us kids were way back then!

With all that being said, I am going to tiptoe around everything and just plunge right in and hope for the best, which is I hurt no feelings anywhere. Anyway, it is generally through my blogspot blog that I am tracked down. (that can be some scary memories, people.)              

Monday, February 25, 2008

Going Private

There are a lot of issues going on in my life right now that I would like to write about but feel the public forum, where just anyone may run across it, is inappropriate.

I will be going private later today. I know many of you who comment, and I know many of you do not comment. If I miss anyone please e-mail me or leave a comment here.

On a brighter note, I have been sick for two whole days! Two days of blissful, feverish bed rest. I read read read. I finished the most interesting book I have run across in sometime called The Natural History of Uncas Metcalfe. I wanted to yell out to Joe, "Listen to this!" but knew he would not understand why I thought the quickly improvised moniker of "Baron Carl the Bad" was hilarious! The book was just the perfect touch of tenderness and intrigue. I truly love it when I would like to meet a character, and I certainly would like to meet Uncas Metcalfe, sort of a 1980's Larry David  who never says anything out loud but has the most entertaining dialog going on in his head, meets Grandpa.

Once won an Oscar last night! The song, "Falling Slowly" (which even Joe agreed was the best song of the five nominees) was named best original song (I think). I just loved how Jon Stewart allowed Marketa Irglova back on stage to give her thanks after being cut off by the infuriating "wind it up fast" music.  Colin Farrel introduced them and that was very cool too. What a bad boy doll...

Catch it will love it!


Wednesday, February 20, 2008



I am just so lame when it comes to my camera! I knew what I had to do to capture the Red Moon tonight and I choked, running around like a total idiot when it was 9pm. The tripod was broken and I was going to buy a new one today and then I heard on the radio it was suppose to be so overcast tonight in the Ohio Valley we would not be able to see it. Around 9pm (after Big Brother, how I dislike the HG's so far this season, but I say that every season) I checked the Moon and Great Balls of Fire (I also watched Gone with the Wind the other night) there was the Moon!!

I did get the obligatory red moon shot, but this one is so much more interesting. Because I did not have a tripod and I had just read how to get a long exposure with the D-50, I did it  hand held....(shaky lol )

It may be a mess, but it is much more interesting......

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


"Hi Mama! Gosh, I'm hungry. I have not eaten all day, do you think you could take me to lunch? Oh oh...could you stop and buy me some cigarettes, I have not had one yet and I am about to die. This is the last time I promise. Could you take me by two places? I want to drop off my applications. We can't go until after 2pm because of lunch rush. And could we go to Boarders while we wait, I have ordered a movie and it is in. I think it will cost $22 to pick up. They will only hold it for a week. Oh, okay....then can we go to The Music and Book exchange? Maybe they will have it there. It's called Sex and Love. Remember it? It has that kind of fat guy in it. No, not him, that other know Swingers! Yes, that's him. Yes, the Cheese Sandwich! I loved that movie. Hey, I think that My So Called Life is at Music and Books! It is out and has the whole first year. Wasn't there only one year? Remember how I loved that show? I really liked it better than Beverly Hills 90210. Maybe I was about the same age and related better. Can I get it please???I'll have the money for it this afternoon and I will pay you back.


Friday, February 15, 2008


Spent some time in the "play" room playing around with a design for some thank you cards I need to send out.

I need to send out a big thank you to everyone in AOL land. A big kiss thrown across the miles to Dan of Slapinions , Lori and Guido. I can't express in words how much it meant to me to know that the support and caring that I found years ago in AOL J-Land is alive and well.

I realize that the feeling of community that resides here is something that I have missed for a long time. I thought I was mourning the loss of what it use to be and by being so stiff necked I have totally missed out on what it has been turning into. Which is a strong supportive neighborhood of kind and caring individuals.

Love and Hugs to all who left such nice messages about my Dad.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


SIde yard patio Sun King melting. I think I will start collecting Sun Faces, they are so interesting. Better than bird houses....We had a snow fall last night. Four inches. Maybe a little more. After FW this was a walk in the park.

Sunday, February 10, 2008



Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Gift

Favorite Picture of Me and Dad -

During the morning hours of Feb 4, I woke up around 2am and tossed and turned, tried to read then turned off the light only to turn it back on and try again. Finally at 430 I was able to fall back into sleep.

At 730 am my brother called to let me know that Dad had passed away during the night at home with Mom. Mom thinks it happened sometime between 2-230am. She realized his breathing, which had been labored all day, had become quiet. She made calls and my brother arrived around 3am. They did what you do when someone passes in the middle of the night, then he suggested they say the rosary and finally at 430am she was able to lay back down.

I have written many times about my Dad. As I look back at my very first entry in this journal it was about my Dad going into the hospital with CHF and subsequently had a stroke. It has been a long journey, bittersweet at times, and so full of love and the celebration of a life to arrive at this moment when I and everyone who loves him, has to let him go.

"I want to go home!" he told us at the hospital Saturday and by gosh, they let him go home.

Now he has truly gone home. I am happy that his pain and suffering is behind him. That I so firmly believe in an afterlife I know he is now residing in that place I think of as heaven, able to walk without a walker, able to sing Danny Boy at the top of his lungs, hear without hearing aides that really don't work all that well anyway, remembering all the grandchildren names, eating whatever he damn well pleases, driving any car he wants, eating a banana split and swimming in the Atlantic ocean, dancing the jig with my Aunt Pat and Nana, laughing about him being a street urchin running numbers in Hells Kitchen in the 20's and 30's with his brother, and in a safe place without hospital beds, IV's and pills everyday to get you through the day. His heart will beat with the strength of all those who loved him and will remember him.

Saturday, February 2, 2008



 While heading into the Kinko's (it's hard for me to call it Fed-Ex Kinko's...) to make some color copies. This guy was in the parking lot and a crowd was beginning to gather around his incredible magic vehicle! He told us he did not watch much tv and this kept him out of trouble and busy. I asked him too pose, that I was doing the Project 365...he knew exactly what I was talking about and confided that he too had a Flickr acct....I may look for him.

Friday, February 1, 2008



"Bella" and Jo-Jo