Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Another sun face! For the past eight months I have passed The Concrete Lany which is on the west side of I-65 heading towards Louisville. Totally intriguing place with huge Bears, Rhino's and a large Jesus among various other animals, minerals and vegetables that span several acres! I found the entrance while lost the other day and returned yesterday for a look see. And what did I see? More sun faces!!! This one was so interesting and actually only occupied a corner of a photo that I cropped off. Doesn't it look like a sky of stars in the ceiling of the porch?

I was looking for a bird feeder (that was my story to gain access to the premises without causing suspicion) because I had met this guy while waiting to be called to the Customer Service desk at Dr. Bizers (don't ask) and he talked nonstop for ten minutes about his garden and yard until my name was barked out. Since he had to stop his longwinded soliloquy, which was fascinating once I understood it was not my purpose to ask any questions or to interject any comments of my own,  but to only nod my head and make the expected facial expressions at the required moments.  I saw my break to ask about the Japanese beetles in the area when he was sitting looking slightly winded and forlorn and the lady behind the counter went to find my records.

Birds, he told me. Birds will take care of them. Bluejays and the such. I can't remember which bird he did not like (I do not like starlings) but he shuddered at the mention of another species. Never harm a bird, he told me.(duh, haven't we all read To Kill A Mockingbird. I guess I would kill a buzzard if I had to, but even buzzards have their place and need).

"And grasshoppers. Never kill a grasshopper."

Do grasshoppers help with the Jap beetles, or just never kill them? Anyway, he also hipped me that you can buy grasshoppers at a nursery. I have never seen any cages of grasshoppers for sale at the nurseries I have visited. Maybe I frequent the wrong ones.

I should go to his neck of the woods. I wouldn't mind running into him again. As long as I have nothing to say.


mutualaide said...

Oh funny ... you tongue in cheek gal you.  Love the sun.  
Grasshoppers?  You do have to know the difference between grasshoppers and locust in order to not kill the right one.  

helmswondermom said...

I know the concrete lady well.  Someday I'm going to buy one of their dinosaurs for my sister's garden.  I don't know why, I just think that would be funny.  I like the sun face!  I wonder if crickets would do as well as grasshoppers?  If so, you can get crickets at bait stores and at pet stores.

yakima127 said...

I heard it was crickets; never kill a cricket.  The only cricket I ever saw looked like...
a grasshopper...

jmorancoyle said...

    Never harm a grasshopper or cricket, especially if found inside your home. It's bad karma.

justaname4me2 said...

Well I've never seen grasshoppers for sale, but I have seen lady bugs. Here in Idaho grasshoppers aren't exactly welcome guests. Crickets never seem to be a problem though.......either way, for karma know~~ As for the talker, just picture he's a cricket if you run into him again

mtrib2 said...

Buzzards are not a problem, in fact they perform a valuable service by cleaning up rotting animals that would otherwise contaminate streams and host pests and bacteria.    They have a special digestive system that allows them to eat the rotting flesh.    Grasshoppers perform no valuable service but are raised for food for some animals maybe and fishing.   I know crickets are sold at fishing stores.   Some beetles are bad and have decimated the oak population in California and in the East.    Another type of insect was introduced that eats the bolworms that destroy cotton and other crops so insecticides are not needed.   Starlings are a huge problem and I saw on TV that no solution of firing loud canons, etc. worked.   They brought in a special type of hawk that when the starlings see them they fly for their lives as the hawk kills the one's it catches.     I feed the birds here in my yard during the winter month's and love seeing the varieties.    Woodpeckers are so facinating and rare along with a population of cardinals, bluejay's, and little noisey birds that make nests every year in my barn and now unfinished addition I am sure will happen.     I have also seen a type of swallow.      I am sending you an email about my upcoming surgery.   mark