Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Fog Rolls in

Or...What I am reading at the Beach

Oh woe is me, nothing to write about that is interesting. I did go to the beach in Alabama and it was a very chilly experience. Did manage to catch a little sunshine. I think I was in charge of two teenagers, I say think because my husband could be considered to have just a smige more maturity than those two. Just kidding, but one of them did manage to get a severe sunburn under my care and I am ashamed to say that I trusted that kid to put on sun block! When I say, "Are you using sun block?", and they say, "Yes I am!", I should know, I should have known to ask, "Okay, what SPF is that so called sun block?" It was pretty bad, poor baby.

Anyway, that is as exciting as my life gets.

I brought along several books to read supposedly while I laid around with my SPF 30 in the spring sun shine of the Gulf Coast.

Man, what was I thinking bringing along "The Snow Leopard" by Peter Matthiessen! Not exactly a beach book. It reminded me of the time I read "Love in the Time of Cholera" while on another beach last year (a much warmer beach in Mexico).



ksquester said...

Well, I have a second house because people wouldn't use their sunblock.  My husband advises everybody at every age to use it and I say, "BURN, BABY BURN!"    Anne

slapinions said...

Nice to have you back and posting ya bum :)

I could sit outside for hours in the sun without sunscreen and bronze perfectly. Ditto my firstborn. My wife and kids # 2 and 3? Two minutes outside on a cloudy day slathered in sunscreen and they look like lobsters.

BTW, that pic looks menacing. Ever see The Mist?


mutualaide said...

Reading choice and sunburn aside, I do hope you enjoyed your time away.  :)

sunnyside46 said...

oh were you by me?
In Gulf Shore?