Friday, August 19, 2011

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things I have in my Knock-off Jimmy Choo Purse

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1) Five hour energy drink (just in case)

2) Bottle of Ibuprofen (always need with old woman knees)

3) My moleskine (at ready to jot down fantastic ideas or observations)

4) My date book (hopeful and good to keep track of my hours at both jobs)

5) 3 Elvis pens (I admit, I am a pen thief)

6) Small pocket notebook (for the pocket!)

7) Wallet (in case I get pulled over and for holding debit/credit cards)

8) MP3 player complete with ear thingies hanging up on everything

9) car keys

10) lipstick (which I hardly ever wear anymore)

11) extra reading glasses (one of the dash or in my pocket)

12) Stray receipts (always)

13) Cell Phone (never can find it when it goes off at the bottom of the purse)