Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Going Private is Exausting

Am I having second thoughts? Yes and no. Yes because I know I will miss someone, someone who will think like I think. Which means they will think I don't want them reading my journal. Which could not be further from the truth.

The truth is that the subjects I have burning in me right now involve other people and I am not certain that it is an ethical thing to do. Which is, airing the laundry of others while washing mine.

I love to write. My mother has been hearing from friends far and near since Dad's passing. One of these long ago friends, our next door neighbor in the "old neighborhood" sent her a copy of the KILMER NEWS which I wrote in 1962, and no doubt, tried selling door to door and they were my only customers (because they are/were the dearest people).

If my scanner weren't broken I would scan the front page for y'all. Here is the lead story...

"Dogie S. Mashed his finger on car door.        


Dougie was playing in his fathers car. He tried to close the door, but he had his finger in the door. He had a broken finger one second later. He went to the doc he said that it would heal all by it's self."

I was so cute.  And see how tough us kids were way back then!

With all that being said, I am going to tiptoe around everything and just plunge right in and hope for the best, which is I hurt no feelings anywhere. Anyway, it is generally through my blogspot blog that I am tracked down. (that can be some scary memories, people.)              


mutualaide said...

Ahhhhh ... it is so difficult to not hurt feelings when you go private.  Then, it becomes difficult to understand why people don't come back to read after you go private and you have invited them in.  :::sigh:::  

Eventually you just shrug your shoulders, more or less and get on with it.

The process is painful.

Jump in with two feet and if you feel better about washing your laundry and are trying not to air others', well, use initials or fictiousness names.  Then, the only ones that will know -- are you and, uh, them.  ;)

mutualaide said...

Kilmer News.  A great way to spend time as a child ... and wasn't it nice that our neighbors (yes, mine were the same way) would go along with pretty much any project we might have.  

slapinions said...

Sure, kids were tougher in your day; they had to be. After all, hospitals were days away by horseback.


myrdog said...

airing the laundry of others while washing mine. l really like that line!

helmswondermom said...

I love your "breaking" news story!  Eler Beth takes spells where she writes newsletters and hands them out in the neighborhood.

jmorancoyle said...

    There are a thousand things I want to write in my journal. I opt not to just because as you say, someone might get hurt. I hope that if you do go private that you consider leaving me a like. I've enjoyed your writing for a long time.

paulmcs said...

Huh? Here you are bloggin' away at AOL? Well, I'll come here to find you if that's what it takes.

I guess going private is like when I disabled commenting--you feel kind of like you're cheating. I did it because the comments bothered my lady friend, even though it was all harmless.

Saw Docs will be in Northhampton, MA on St. Patrick's Day, about 2 hours away, but I don't think I'll go this time. How do things look for the Dublin fest this year?