Saturday, September 27, 2003

Moving day

I am up at the usual ungodly hour of 5am.  My daughters boyfriend will help me with the move this morning.  I tried to hire someone who advertised in the "professional services" in the newspaper, but $300 was a little extreme. So, I have a U-haul rented and I'm poised and ready.

I have procrastinated about this for weeks and whatever happens today, I deserve.

Been an uneventful week, in terms of drama.  I have not run much, and it is a bad thing.  All those little aches and pains somehow manifest themselves into nagging injuries!  What muscle is on the top of your foot?  Whatever it is, it is killing me on the right foot, also the achilles tendon on the left hurts.  Note to self:  never stop running so the pain catches up.

Made a killer vegetable soup the other night.  Made the mistake of putting in a red chili pepper from last years garden!  Yikes.  No sinus problems this week.  Joe said he had to open a window to cool him down.

Its 6am already and the rain has not stopped falling.  Could be one or those days that you never ever want to remember.

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