Saturday, April 23, 2011

N is for NO MORE

When we moved to this area two years ago I immediately spotted this piece of Americana sitting not two miles from our new home. Although neglected and seemingly forgotten she remained magnificent. She also stood as a daily reminder of a time long ago when families traveled the two lane highways in search of adventure. And everyone in the South knew about Rock City.

This barn, which sat on a hill overlooking highway 79 into Clarksville, was one of less than 100 barns left to lure us to Rock City, a tourist attraction outside Chattanooga.

Sadly, the barn was demolished last year and replaced with a MacMansion.

Progress? Some would say in todays economy this was a sign that the times are getting better.

I think it means that the times are all about a buck.


Roger Owen Green said...

that's really sad. that "thinking" of "progress" is a bit pathetic.


Gal Friday said...

So sad, and even worse when I read what replaced this
landmark-this "old friend" of yours.
In a way, don't you feel there should be a law, that these old places, can't be demolished.