Friday, May 21, 2004

Brides of Frankenstein

This is a picture of my First Communion when I was in Second grade attending catholic grammar  school. This is the core group of kids I went through my entire grammar school experience with.  With the exception of Cynthia, the tallest girl in the middle who left after second grade. The rest of us graduated six years later together.  Granted, we added several more bodies. Pat flunked third grade and joined us, John and Mark arrived in 4th grade, Mike and Moose in fifth, Smarter Mike in sixth etc. etc.  The girls only admitted Frieda in third, and Debbie in eighth. My point is this, I still see and know these people 40 some odd years later. (wow).


I am the one on the end on the left. The holiest looking one.  Next to me is the devil, Brenda.  On the far right is Shelly and next to her in the gold shoes (which unfortunately I cropped out of this picture) is evil Missy.


Brenda, Missy and I were locked in a power struggle for all our years together.  It was terrible!  A best friendship triangle.  It is so sad that when I think of a best friend of my second grade that I don't have wonderful memories of sharing egg salad sandwiches with a best friend.  I was actually engaged in a battle for the affection and attention of Brenda, the Evil Mistress of the Playground.


Every so often the pendulum would swing, then Missy was her best friend and they would ignore me.  I would have to take up with Shelly or Frieda for the duration.  Then, just as suddenly it would all change and I was the chosen one and Missy was out and she had to hang with Shelley.


Every so often, Missy and I would form an alliance and freeze out Brenda,  These times were rare and short lived.  Then the retribution was swift and murderous.


Is it any wonder I have a very difficult time forming relationships with women?  I'm always on the look out for the betrayal!  Actually, I have realized that the seven years that this torturous game was played probably made me neurotic. 


Oh, this one was kind of sad!


yakima127 said...

Missy does look evil!  And you indeed, look Holy!  How sad you spent so much time in this game you played.  And even worse that you don't trust women!  No more, sister!  You have women friends, now, and no freezing out allowed!  Well, once...!  Just kidding!  Love ya!  JAE

lucylouladybug said...

I can relate to that.  I haven't written my "best friend" story yet, because it brings a bit of pain for me, maybe tomorrow I'll attempt it.  But I do so remember the swift and murderous retribution...yes, it follows you into adulthood.  Ironic that you too, had a similar experience.  You were and I bet still are a cutie girl!
Love, Penny

camaroisle050856 said...

            Nice pic.  Missed your entries.  The game continues on into adulthood for most women, although I've never played it.  

          You aren't neurotic, just a rebel with a heart.  I like your style of writing.   Nice tribute to your men that you left on my Journal.


mlraminiak said...

Why is it that, at this age, our "best friend" stories are kind of sad?  I hung with my best friend until well after we were both married.  Then, somehow we just sort of got sick of each other.  It was sad, because she was always like my fifth sister.  It's hard when someone chooses NOT to be part of your life anymore.  Lisa  :-]

my78novata said...

WOW really neat pic. Neat past information. Its rreally interesting. Lori

sonensmilinmon said...

I guessed the holy looking one had to be YOU!  JK ... I had to read the entry to figure out which one was you.  I'm going to do my entry later this weekend ~ yes, I will once again be tardy with my homework.  This I have to admit has been an interesting assignment with a lot of different stories and I've been loving the old pictures.


deabvt said...

Wow!!   Great Pic!!

stephweiss said...

I think little girls are meaner than little boys. I never really had gal pals in school because they were just too much trouble. Much easier to convince boys that I didn't have cooties: How could someone skip THREE on the monkey bars, if they had cooties? Just not possible. And so I was an honorary boy. I'm sure I missed out on some good cat fights.

Well, your story isn't SAD, exactly. Think of it as one of those "what does not kill me makes me stronger" kinds of stories.

slowmotionlife said...

I had this same kind of relationship growing up with my sisters.  It was either Jenn and I against Leah Dawn.  Or it was Leah Dawn and I against Jenn.  Occasionally, it was Jenn and Leah Dawn against me.  And sometimes it was Jenn, Leah Dawn, and I against our mother.  LOL  But, as adults, we're ALL good friends.  Though Leah Dawn and Jenn don't speak as often with each other, which I find sad.  I hate being the main link between them.  :(  

I love this entry and the photo.  You were ADORABLE!!!  It's hard NOT to be adorable in the 2nd grade, but you had it especially good in the adorable department. LOL

krobbie67 said...

How scandalous a title! But, oh so witty. I love the pic of you. You look so angelic, wish I could say the same for evil Missy. Shame on her and them! But, unfortunately, I think all girls have a little, or a lot, of this in their past. It's where we honed our manipulating skills. Have you seen the movie "13 going on 30?" I think with this in your past you would really like it. I sure did. :-) ---Robbie

mrccgoody said...

It's 2nd grade girls!  That explains the whole power struggle/hurt feelings.  This is a great picture, so cute!

musenla said...

I didn't really have a "best friend" when I was in second grade.  I think I started forming alliances later.  I've always been socially shy, although I loved performing in front of a crowd.

The power struggles came later, in high school, when a pack of girls came after me because they thought I was flirting with their "leader's" boyfriend.  Me, who was practically a nun.  Kinda funny when I think about it.  I just wish I was the smartmouth then that I am now.

I'm glad that you're still in touch with all these people long after grade school.  I assume your relationships with them are no longer contentious.

tjexpressions said...

That was so right on the money.....girls at those ages!!! The photo was priceless!
Thanks for sharing.

dymphna103 said...

Well you know they say 3 are hard to play with as one always gets left out.  john

marigolds2 said...

hello fellow Mary - yes, I am one too.  i was also a little catholic girl in a first communion dress looking just like you and your buds.  it was the only picture from that age, more or less i could find, but i made my 1st. communion in first grade, in catholic school in san antonio, Tx.  i might scan and post that shot some day.  you were pretty darn cute.  this is a great entry.  as an army brat who moved every three years and lost countless friends along the way,  i am amazed at someone who knows the same people all this time later.  the only people with whom i have remained friends are my pals from college.  sad.  and three is always hard, triangles just don't work!
big congratulations on your elopement!  i wish you long and happy years together.  thanks for all your visits and comments to my journals, i'm going to try to be a better journal friend now that i'm on vacation.  this weekend brought a lot of new friends to my journal, so it's going to get even harder!  but more fun, too.

marigolds2 said...

whoa, wait, just saw on your sidebar that you're reading The Heart is a Lonely Hunter.  it's one of my all time favorite books, first read it when i was quite young.  should reread it now.  i adore Carson McCullers.  come to my book journal and talk about this book, please?

viviansullinwank said...

LOL  great entry!  And yes you do look the holiest in the picture!

Take care Mrs Newlywed!  :)

ondinemonet said...

Powerful entry! Strange how things that happen when we are children tend to shape us sometimes in subtle ways. Especially injustices. I appreciate this entry. Always, Carly :)

halfmoonunder said...

What a great entry! Your journal is fabulous. I cracked up when I read that you are a 'recovering' Catholic. Volumes could be written about that! I wrote my own entry about being chosen to be the May Queen one year. Yikes! What a disaster!
Check it out when you get a chance. I'm sure you'll relate. And I also had a powerplay threesome going on between my best friend Antionette and Lillian, who I hated and called the detestable Lillith.
Oh well. Wonder what happened to them?