Tuesday, May 4, 2004

Hodge Podge


I am in one of those moods where I am cranky.  Is there a full moon?  There is a lot going on at work that makes me uncomfortable.  Antsy.  Conflicted.  Unsure. Apprehensive.  Nervous. It is only natural that the negativity crosses over into my personal affairs. If I get through today, I should be okay for another week.

On a happier note, its May!  This month brings not only lovely sunshine and warmer weather but it brings a month of delicious activity.  In approximately three weeks I leave for Ireland.  I have two travel books that I have barely touched.  Somehow I have a feeling that the family I am traveling to meet will provide enormous entertainment for us.  I have on my "must see" list, the Blarney Castle, Woodfield (the old family estate), and The cliffs of Moher.  My sister tells me we should rent a car and see the magic of the country by just driving. (good advice, bad advice)?  

Mother's day is Sunday and Bridget is taking me to see George Carlin as a gift.  The gift of laughter.  My favorite gift. 

Also, my cousin from Penn and her husband are coming to town to see my Mom and her Mom, who has arrived for a lengthily stay with my Mom.  This coming weekend should be a blast.  

There is a reunion of sorts at my High School.  Once a year they throw a Spring Fling and all the alumni come to dance and partake of the open bar.  Catholic, don't ya know.  That is being held this month. 

Added to that,  my company is celebrating their 100th anniversary of existence in this fair city.  A swanky affair at Keeneland with a jazz band, food and semiformal attire.  I love to dress up and play Cinderella every once in a while.  

Last,  but not least, is the Taste of the Bluegrass event that takes place also at Keeneland which is an event that I look forward to every year.  All the restaurants and related industries show themselves and their specialties off in one evening of great fun and overindulgence.   

 Interspersed are several runs, one at the Louisville Zoo!    How can I feel blue with so much to look forward to? 


my78novata said...

May is suppose to bring warm weather and sunshine. But last two morns we have had a frost. I dont ever remember having to cover my garden in MAY?????? So much for global warming eh??????? Lori http://journals.aol.com/my78novata/LorisLaurels/
PS I bet you are excited about your upcoming trip.

sonensmilinmon said...

The picture is really interesting ... intriguing.

Full moon coming up!

I'm at work and have to be short, sorry!


mlraminiak said...

Wow, Mary...all I have to look forward to this month are unending garden work and a visit from the inlaws.  Can I come with you instead?  Lisa  :-]

camaroisle050856 said...

     Yes, there is a full moon tonight.  Like CCR's lyrics, "There's a bad moon on the rise."   Or if you want to be optimistic, "There's a bathroom on the right."
      I think humor is a wonderful gift.  Let me know how you liked the George Carlin Concert!

lucylouladybug said...

Oh, Can I travel in your suitcase and go to Ireland too?  I'd love to visit there, I have ancestors from Ireland.  

I do think there's full moon coming up.

I visited Louisville, or rather Mount Washington, Kentucky last year, I have a friend that lives there.  


mrccgoody said...

Full moon, yes.
It sounds like you have a wonderful time ahead of you. Ireland, wow. You should take lots of pictures and share when you get back!
It is so hilly around where the zoo is, I'm so impressed...

yakima127 said...

No kidding!  You're way too busy to succomb to the blues!  You must be so very excited to be leaving soon.  I hope it is a great trip for you!  Jae

krobbie67 said...

Ummm... .Are you blue? This doesn't seem like a depressing entry - like you're feeling blue. You really need to listen to some Billy Holiday, or something, and get in the deep down, my dog up and died, blues. And, when you're in the proper bluesy mood come back here and write an entry worthy of the word depressing.
That's an order young lady! ;-) ---Robbie

wfhbear said...

Sounds like you are moving along well with things to do. I like Bluegrass music. i sure hope you enjoy that. Where's the frog?  My Regards, Bill.

sunshine38585 said...

Sounds like you are a very busy women these days. Hope you have a nice weekend and don't wear yourself out.

indigosunmoon said...

OMGoddess!  Your going to Ireland?!  How cool is that!  I would love to go to Ireland someday....<sigh>

And my prescription for the blues....Put on some great music, and dance your heart out.  Always makes me feel better...

txsguinan said...

" My sister tells me we should rent a car and see the magic of the country by just driving. (good advice, bad advice)?.."

Great advice!  In my opinion, it's the only way to see Ireland.  You can take your time, stop in the picturesque towns and villages as well as the gorgeous countryside...you just can't go wrong.  And everyone should enjoy the thrill of driving on the wrong side of the road at least once in their life!  Don't miss the "Ring Of Kerry"...it's stunning.

I must say that your life sounds very exciting these days; between the travel abroad, the swanky jazz evenings, and the Blues Festival....all I can say is....I am just so jealous!  Damn ... :)

musenla said...

My my, you are one busy gal!  I didn't realize your Ireland trip is just a few weeks away.  Don't forget to take lots of pics and tell us all about it!

George Carlin and the gift of laughter, what a great gift!  I love George Carlin, he's as irreverent as ever.  How was the show?  

And how was your company party?