Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Failure to Launch

I am sitting at the computer terminals at the Mississippi branch of the library around the apartment that we rent so that Joe can work and keep his sanity. Because of the terrible market, we have decided to keep the house in Indiana and just rent down here. Both he and I spend out time traveling back and forth a great deal.

Now that the time has come that it is imperative that I find a job! I have taken a couple and quit both of them, much to Joe's chagrin. Now that I absolutely must have a job, they are very hard to find.

Especially if you are middle aged. And I mean, really middle aged.

Joe and I were sitting on the "couch" and I asked if 40 were the new 30 was 50 the new 40 and I didn't really look my age did I? Didn't I look like I was cool when I was younger?

I'm pathetic.

So I am going to resurrect Alphawoman. She rises from the ashes. A long time ago I created another jnl. on Blogger and I guess I will continue to keep up both. Alpha is my first attempt and my first true love.

I am rambling.

I went and saw the latest Brad Pitt movie, the Curious Case (?) of Ben. Button.

It made me cry and every so once in a while I would think, this is a long movie....but I still really liked it.

happy New Year.