Saturday, September 24, 2005

Writers Cramp

I mean writers block

I was reading Trish and found out her journal is kicking off its third years of existence! I thought "Wait a minute....then so is mine!!" Trish made the very first comment in my journal and I'm forever grateful to her for that rush! I also found out that the VIVI awards are being kicked off!  Please go over and read all about it and cast your vote for the nominees.

Other than that life has been so boring! As a matter of fact it is well after noon and I am sitting in my pj's typing this! I have discovered Soduko and can not pull myself away from the numbers! I even dreamed about number combinations last night, it is that bad.

I have been reading non stop. I have been watching movies rented from Netflix...I love the foreign film selection. I have been doing stretch exercises with the Power 90 DVD's I purchased from a bout of infomercialitis I had earlier this spring. I have been walking and running. I have been walking around taking pictures of my neighborhood. It is a very eclectic Rail Road town. I have been thinking about making wine (I am such a procrastinator). I have been toying with trying to find a job. Fact of the matter is, doing nothing is right up my alley!

The days have been floating by as if I am drifting on a cloud. I realize that Christmas is several months away and I have to spring into action and find gainful employment!

Joe and I went to a small Irish Festival last week end and had a great time. I wanted to see a band called Gaelic Storm which was the band in the movie Titanic, but we could not last till 10pm!

Deep Throat applied for and was given my job in Hell City. The company called me last week and requested that I apply for a position opening up in Ft. Wayne....I just don't know.
A rambling entry just to say thank you AOL for giving us the opportunity to have this tremendous experience with the Journal Community.


suzypwr said...

Time is much different when you don't work, isn't it? I can plan a whole day around going to lunch, lol. It's such a nice change from cramming in a sandwich while on the road for 8 hours or more. I hope you find something soon that you will enjoy.

Now I need to go back to see who left my first comment!


dbp2000 said...

My name is Donna and I am addicted to Soduko.  Let me know if you hear of a support group.  LOL!

mavarin said...

Sounds like a wonerful time of decompression. Enjoy it while you can - and it sounds as though you do!  B ut yeah, you'll have to get a job eventually--darn it! - Karen

freeepeace said...

Happy Anniversary to you, your journal and our friendship.  Can you believe it's been 2 yrs already?

Your life doesn't sound boring at all.  You may not be actively persuing a job or career, but you are not "doing nothing" at all.  I'm afraid to click on that link for Soduko.  If it's a game or puzzle, I'll never get out of the apartment.  Maybe I'll check it out when I get home.

Enjoy your days and eves of leisure.  You're always right where you need to be. :) xo

andreakingme said...

Ohmigod, Mary. That photo. It makes me so homesick. (You have no idea how often I come here to look for New Haven/Fort Wayne photos ... but I do, I do.)

For the record, I have writer's block, too. I've been trying to write a journal entry all day and just can't get it together. I think it's time for some sweet white wine and Swiss cheese. You game?


lisaram1955 said...

Aha...Happy Belated J-Birthday!  You were four days ahead of me creating your journal.  AND you were technically the SECOND person to comment in mine, but I think of you as the first, because you were my first "regular" commentor.  Hasn't it been fun, Mar?  I've enjoyed the heck out of it...

Speaking of enjoying...have fun being unemployed for awhile.  If you can afford it, why not?  When you start to go crazy from boredom, or go broke, then put yourself back on the block...  Lisa  :-]  

jayveeconcerto said...

Mary, I always do nothing so beautifully - and yet I never seem to have time for it!
Does this make any sense? Aw, heck, I'm too tired to make sense.....    Jon

mrccgoody said...

I always feel as if I'm drifting by on a cloud...even though I have a job and lots to do...I think it's a very interesting way to go through life!

deabvt said...

And Thank you.