Monday, February 27, 2006


Rail Road Bridge over the Kentucky River and Palisades knows as HIGHBRIDGE   (Oct 2003)

I have become so neglectful of this journal that I am feeling almost shame Yet, when I sit at the keyboard my mind is just a barren waste. I have little inspiration and only myself to blame.

I read the most interesting book the past several days called THE SAME RIVER TWICE by Chris Offutt, a Kentucky writer. I found the book in the Hyde Brothers Book store one afternoon last week! I am astonded that I have not read anything by this wonderful Kentucky author before now. 

I was pleasantly surprised to find some subtle encouragement tucked between the pages. He carried around a journal throughout all his travels and adventures. When ever something occurred he was immediately thinking of how he was going to write about it in his journal. If the day was not offering up any situations that caught his fancy, he began to talk to people and lure them into providing him with material.

When I read these words it immediately brought to mind how I felt about blogging when I first started! Everyday I would be writing entries in my head about the things going on around me.

What has happened? Have I put on some type of blinders that hide the juicy stuff that surrounds me?

This week end we headed to Detroit  for Joe's work. I found the most fantastic market ever in Dearborn called WESTBORN MARKET! It was so fabulous that I made Joe go the next day to experience it himself.

Fresh baked breads, home made soups, a wine cellar, the classiest looking fruit and vegetables, a cheese corner, a drop dead from the delicious smell bakery area, hundreds of olive oils, and most things displayed in such a way that makes you want to purchase everything! Did I mention that many items are available to sample? The store is laid out to resemble an outdoor market. Lovely atmosphere. The air smells of fresh baked bread and oranges.

Instead of going out for dinner, I brought home a bag full of stuff for a picnic in the hotel room. We had Clam Corn chowder, french bread, goda cheese, figs, spinach dip with small pita bread, and zucchini walnut Bread for desert.

A feast!

The drive there and back was beautiful due to the sun making a grand appearance for both days. I finally truly experienced the Maumee River which ambles along side Route 24. Yes, it is a majestic river. I have been under the impression it is the size of a creek, now I know it just narrows around Ft.Wayne.

There are three rivers in the Ft. Wayne area. I have concluded that it is the presence of these three that makes driving and finding your way around this area so difficult and frustrating. They are not large rivers. Large in the sense of The Ohio or the Mississippi. They are small and crisscross all over the city. I christened them "criks" as I remember the palisades of the Kentucky River.

It was very humbling to see the true magnificence of the Maumee


yakima127 said...

The market sounds like so much fun!  What a great find!  And your picnic sounds wonderful...I have missed your entries...JAE

suzypwr said...

I hope you ate at Miller's on Michigan Avenue - it's a dive, but has the best hamburgers in the state. You should have called me!


rollinghillsides said...

This entry was delightful, I loved the way you described the market (which provided you with a wonderful hotel room picnic.)   I could almost smell the bread baking and the citrus wafting through the air ... thanks, twas wonderful!   The book you read sounds very interesting, too, enjoyed hearing about that as well.  
Judy, in CT

ksquester said...

It's so good to see you writing again. I've missed you.  I love looking at HIGH BRIDGE..........usually from down below.   ANNE

lisaram1955 said...

I've found lately that I am a little burned out from trying to take a writer's view of everything I experience, every day.  I thought I had fallen naturally into the habit..but right now, it just feels like work  HARD work.  I think I might go on a little sabbatical myself...  Lisa  :-]

dcmeyer420 said...

Welcome back, Mary. I have yet to read a boring entry in this Journal. The market and its wares sounds so interesting and yummy. Hubby is from Michigan and I might just talk him into going to Dearborn the next time we go up there. Have a great week.

nellemclaughlin said...

I was so happy to get the alert. You know it's been a really tough transition for all of us with the AOL journaling community moving to a new neighborhood. Recently I read even the head of AOL is blogging elsewhere. Still, I miss the old neighborhood and I knew where everything was here. Now I don't have the patience to relearn all I did a year ago here somewhere else. Even though there are more bells and whistles. There are fewer visitors to blogs on either place I find. I think AOL tore up the old neighborhood with a wrecking ball and the dust is still in the air. It has not cleared. I too used to think of many things in terms of blogging material. Now I find myself tired and often just wanting to get through the long winter days. Spring is coming and perhaps that will renew our writing spirits.

readmereadyou said...

You hear journal and think of writing and unfortunately, I hear food and I think of eating. LOL! I have a great metabolism. I should be several hundred pounds and I'm not.
BTW, I love photos of bridges and can't figure out why since I'm afraid when I'm on them. Hmmm.

mavarin said...

People do go through periods in which they are less interesting in something than before.  But I hope you keep finding things to blog about anyway.  - Karen

mtrib2 said...

I had a better day than I have had in awhile so I feel more like writing about things.  I would rather not even write when things have me down.   It was a pleasure to read about your experience with the market and making a picnic that matched a good restaurant experience.   Wishing you and your family the best and hope to read more entry's of yours.   mark

helmswondermom said...

I've never read Chris Offutt.  I'll have to check him out.