Monday, April 10, 2006


Once again!! Has a week flown by already!! Lisa has inspired me to keep track, usually in my head, the things that have made this week special.  So, here we go...

1)  Thanks to Netflix, I saw Walk the Line and CRASH. Both were really excellent movies, but CRASH...certainly the best movie I have seen in some time. If it had not won the academy award, I more than likely would have missed this superb movie.

2)  After years of resistance (why????) I am reading THE DAVINCI CODE...and can't put it down.

3)  Went to my bosses house for a barbecue on Saturday! We all sat around and watched the guys play ping-pong and ate Snickers Salad.  I got the recipe! Divine.

4)  My long lost gal pal C. sent me a belated birthday gift. Unexpected and lovely. The best kind of gifts!

5)  Found the "Where I'm From" template for writing a poem. It was moving and emotional and a terrific self-examining experience. I can not wait to share it with my family and see the poetry they come up with!

6)  Suddenly, overnight, I see yellow daffodils everywhere!!

7)  At work, we are approaching our manic period (runs till October there abouts) and I am becoming acquainted with some fun accounts! Yea!! Minor League baseball clubs, little leagues, golf courses etc. etc. etc.

8)  Went to the local comedy club, Snickerz, and had a blast! Found out I have passes at work and that means.....I can go whenever I want! Oh, how I love to laugh.

9) Finally being able to go out into the yard and do yard work!! This year, my yard is going to be a masterpiece. (hahahah!!!)

10)  Joe came home!! This was the best of the week's events. I enjoyed the quiet and peacefulness, but I missed him more. Guess I would trade all that for him!


sunnyside46 said...

daffodils are like the earth laughing

my78novata said...

alwsy nice to look at the good

randlprysock said...

I really like this.  Keeps the attitude in check.  Thanks for sharing.  I saw that movie "Crash" also and it sure was good.  That's also the second time I heard someone say they were reading The Davinci Code.  Sounds like a great book.  

readmereadyou said...

Number 6......I don't have to see them. I sneeze and know they are around. : )

am4039 said...

like the 10 good weekly things. Thanks for sharing.

suzypwr said...

Want to know more about this Snickers salad!


onemoretina said...

There's actually a Snicker's Salad?  I would love to hear about this one.  Tina

jayveeconcerto said...

These are ten wonderful things - - but that Snicker Salad REALLY got my interest. Is this inspired by Snickers Candy Bars - - or perhaps a snicker from the Snickerz Comedy Club??? Curious........   Jon