Friday, July 28, 2006


For almost thirty years my parents have lived in the last house on a lovely dead-end street. It is a very mature 1970 era area with beautiful brick homes. Most everyone on the street has been there since the early days of the neighborhood and only leave their homes in the back of a hearse.

At least that is the way it use to be. Next to my parents home is an empty lot. Not exactly empty, it was owned by a gentleman on the next block, and backed up to his property. He has a garage, very nice brick building, that sat at the very back of the property.

He passed away in the past year and his heirs put the property up for sale. Naturally they wanted a pretty penny for the lot as we inquired because...well, we were just use to having all that open space for soccer games, football, volley ball etc. It would have been nice to keep it, but it was not to be.

No...Bimbo bought it.

I have never blogged about Bimbo before. In a nut shell, he has been my mechanic for years back when I did not have a company car and had need for a mechanic.

I love the name Bimbo. I love saying it. Just like I love saying Pink. I just can't think of a combination to put Bimbo and pink together unless it was, "I asked Bimbo if he could paint my car pink..."

When my mother told me that a Bimbo ****** had bought the property, I was thrilled for them! Why? Bimbo is a terrific guy, let alone a superb mechanic. He will be very good to my parents, who are elderly and need a lot of looking after these days.

"Do you think Bimbo is a family name?", my Mother asked

For some reason the neighbors across the street have taken an intense dislike to Bimbo. Maybe its because he is building a beautiful new home, very much in the tradition of all the other homes on the street, right down to a similar color of brick. Maybe because they have noticed he is hooked up to my Mom's water line?.....and paying her water bill.

I think that is what triggered the apparent attack of yesterday.

The Angel caregiver for my Dad informed me of a terrific uproar on the property next door yesterday. The guy across the street had his finger in Bimbo's face....Naturally The Angel had to get in the back yard to see if she could over hear the details.

Lots of cuss words and threats from the neighbor. "My nephew is chief of Police and I will have you arrested."

For using my Mother's water? For cutting down the diseased trees that bordered both properties?

For agreeing to keep on eye on Mom and Pop and knock on their door if The Angel is not there between 8-830am and call 911 if the door is not answered?

Bimbo came over and was hotter than hell.

"I'll call the police on that So & So  if he ever gets in my face like that again! By the way, does your visitor (my SIL Laura) need any help painting the trim?"

Drama on the Dead End.

Wonder if Bimbo would paint the trim Pink?


am4039 said...

I don't even know what to say. It sounds like Bimbo is a good guy.

nellemclaughlin said...

Sounds like Bimbo is sprouting a set of angel wings himself. It's heartwarming to know there are people like this. Many of our neighbors are like that. When they notice something going on they run over with some baked goods or offer to help. It's wonderful. So glad your parents are surrounded by angels. :)

yakima127 said...

My goodness!  What a raunchy neighbor ...Jae

dcmeyer420 said...

This is better than watching reality TV. I like Bimbo already.

helmswondermom said...

When you said Bimbo moved in, I pictured a "bimbo".  But now I understand, and he sounds great.  Just the kind of guy we'd all want living next to our parents.

mtrib2 said...

I cannot fathom what is happening in your parent's neighborhood with Bimbo moving in.    I won't begin to explain what has transpired with my neighbor I am hiring to work on my home construction.    I have written about him with one journalist (she is one of your readers) so I will leave it at that.    I am compromising myself to get the work done that I cannot do.    My neighbor lives at his mother's place on the next road over.   I visited for an hour yesterday and looked at her artwork in her little trailer.    These people are living in poor conditions though they own much land.    Her son that is working for me had a psychotic mind set and I do not trust him anymore but am still trying to be friendly with him.     mark

suzypwr said...

Can Bimbo move near me?


gypsytrader49 said...

Some people are so jealous.And rude to boot. Bimbo sounds lovely and in Italian that name means "little boy".

lisaram1955 said...

Loved this story, Mary.  And I wish Bimbo would move next door to me...  Lisa  :-]