Friday, September 15, 2006

You can't always get what you want

The Stones are playing Churchill Downs in Louisville on September 29th.

Now I have seen the Stones plenty of times over the years. The last time being 1989. 17 years ago! It was outdoors, at the UofL football stadium...maybe.

I remember that it took a long time to realize what songs they were playing.

Unlike their SOME GIRLS tour, which was fabulous.

It is unfair to think that something has happened to the Stones.

Something has happened to me.

Steel Wheels was the last Stones album I purchased, if you don't count the SOME GIRLS album with the original cover  I  found (at the flea market, natch) and gave to my Brother-in-Law. Somewhere I read they printed only 100,000 of this particular cover before they were forced to stop because of the copywrite infringement laws.

I knew he would love it. Appreciate it.

(Why do I remember a different album cover for Beggars Banquet than I see now? Am I loosing it in my old age?)

In a moment of pure delusion, I checked out the prices for the show in Louisville.

Oh My God.

For a mere $150 I can get a ticket...but I'm not promised a view. How bizarre!!

For $2500 I can have it all. And Alice Cooper.

Naturally I went on a quick hunt for my 1981 ticket. Left hand stage. I could have spit and hit the stage.

Inflation is outrageous.


tc01hm said...

LOL you still have the stub!

mavarin said...

Shocking, ain't it?  When I was selling Ticketron tickets, 1982-1985, the highest price for a rock concert was $19 including the $1.50 service charge.  And that was for the Who or Led Zeppelin.  Lesser bands were more like $12. The way things are now, I'll probably never see another arena show. - Karen

yakima127 said...

OMGosh!  Unbelievable!!!  Jae

flossiepumpkin said...


indigosunmoon said...

I remember back in the 70's going to see REO Speedwagon,
and Nazareth and my ticket was 21 bucks.  LOL

Oh, here is my new journal link.  If it says you can't read
it because you haven't been added to readers, just let
me know and I'll add you ok?

suzypwr said...

For $2500 you should get to have sex with the entire band, too! YIKES!


jmorancoyle said...

    Even if the Beatles reunited from beyond the grave, I wouldn't spend $2500 for a ticket.

am4039 said...

16.00 for a ticket remember the days. I have never been a huge fans of the stones. But it sure is a lot of money these days for a ticket.

boiseladie said...

Incredible!  I've not had the chance to see the Stones.  I've ordered tickets a couple of different times, but circumstances did not allow us to get to the show.  Growing up in the Bay Area, I frequented concerts there.  I think the most we paid back then was like $12.00 per person.

mtrib2 said...

I have listened to the Stones early music that is direct from the blues and Appalachian folk music and enjoyed it tremendously.    How is it that it took British musicians to find the blues in America and become famous?     I listened to WLS out of Chicago and heard all the pop (some of which bubble-gum) music and because it was broadcast everywhere it seemed like the only music for young people.     The only thing that is constant is change.     Thank for your concern about my health in the comment you left in my journal Mary.     I have a severe spinal Stenosis of the L4-5 vertebra.     It is a narrowing of the spine causing the spinal cord to pinch the nerve going to my left hip/leg.    I hope to be seeing a Neurosurgeon about my problem.     mark

bannistersusan said...

ROCK ON!!  you go GIRL!!  You never cease to amaze me!  So glad to be back in the saddle again getting your blog e-mails--wish I was going to be in Louisville for this BIG one--I can FEEL the heat!!  Try to get front row seats and take pictures of this one and publish them--OK--Holy Toledo!!  Oh, would I like to be in your shoes for this one big concert--ROCK ON!!

onemoretina said...

Isn't it insane?  I may be dating myself here, but I remember paying $4.75 to see Jimi Hendrix in my high school days, when you could still get a ticket to a big show here in L.A.   Not anymore ... they are all bought up by scalpers in the first five minutes.  And its legal !  Oh, well.  I am old now, and I also forget what album cover goes with what album.  But then, that's not a problem anymore, is it ... because ... NO ALBUMS !  Thanks for stopping by my site, my friend.  Take care,  Tina  

u2woman said...

I love The Stones!!!!!! They are coming to AZ next month, and I am trying desparetly to scrounge up some money or ask some of my old work buddies to sneek me into the show as a favor. I used to do concert security and body gaurding, I have got to see and meet a ton of bands, but never The Stones!!
You are a lucky duck my friend.  Thanks for the cool pick of the boys in action!!