Monday, June 18, 2007

Mishaps & Miss-Communication

The Grandbaby was sooooo cute. She was dancing for us, showing off her dancing shoes. She was chasing the dog and petting her, "Daug!" Throwing her tiny head back and laughing. Showing us her boo-boo's. Her plump little sandal clad legs with scabs on both knees. She showed us her "mean" face, which was a scrunched up adorable growling face.

She was precious pretending like she was holding a conversation on a cell phone. Ahh, there never was a cuter 19 month old.

Then she flung my phone on the tile floor and danced away.

My phone was dead. There was no reviving it. No matter how many times I turned it on and off, it did nothing but give me a feeble blink.

I headed to the Cingular store first thing this morning and checked out all the selections of newer phones, much newer than my two year old dinosaur! Incredible what those little power tools can do now. MP3 players, Internet, Blackjack, bluetooth, blackberry, miniature tv's...endless.

I chose a simple MotoRazr...gotta say "Hello Moto".


'Cause I have a grandbaby who is prone to flinging things.

As he was trying to see what could be salvaged from the trusty little Moto phone I began to tell him about Hurricane Wilma and being in Cancun trapped in a school house with a category four storm raging around us. 20 strangers thrown together by circumstance and karma. I told him how the next morning we found that my Motorola cell phone with Cingular service was the only phone that would work amidst the destruction and chaos.

I told him how our group was so diverse and international. That motorola phone called Denmark, England, Chicago, Switzerland, LA and Texas.

How that phone connected us to the outside world with whom Cancun was totally cut off from. How my Mom told us that CNN reported we were in the eye of the storm and had another night of the back side of Wilma!

I told him how my phone bill was about $300 bucks but it was worth every damn penny.

"You should tell them. That is an incredible story."

As I was gathering up my new phone and box and receipt for the rebate he picked up the old Motorola and smiling handed it to me.

"She's history, she needs to go home with you."

How true.


ksquester said...

Mary, I thought you quit writting.  Glad I found you once again.  I am playing catch up on your entries.  My granddaughter love remotes and cell phones. I gave her my old one to play with.   Big Hugs, Anne

sunflowerkat321 said...

I agree with the cingular guy.  That phone needs to be among your travel mementos.


am4039 said...

awww yes you need to take home your new phone so it can have many tales to tell.  Your grandbaby sounds so cute and hopefully won't throw your new phone.

randlprysock said...

Too cute that she flings... LOL... grandma's phone.  Hugs,

suzypwr said...

I have the same phone - get a nice case for it. They break easily, sad to say! When I drop mine and it doesn't work, I take out the SIM card and put it back in, and usually it will go back on after that. (The cases help break the fall.)

Your old phone is a special family heirloom now!


jmorancoyle said...

    I remember following your story with you in Cancun, the photos, the school and the amplitheater, and the holes in the roof and water dripping. I have goosebumps thinking of you and that phone calling everyone. He's right. It is history.

sunnyside46 said...

what great story

mutualaide said...

Oh, how right he was.  She is history and even if she is destined to become the plaything of a toddler or put in a 'junk' drawer and forgotten -- she sure was a good friend in your time of need.

mtrib2 said...

I have enjoyed reading through your entries while eating my cereal for breakfast.    You and your family have been doing a lot of things that have made for an interesting summer so far.    I am getting a little done on my cabin addition doing light work a few hours at a time.    The resulting stress on my back keeps me on my back the entire rest of the time reading.     I had an epidural steroid injection that helped until the weather change came during the 4th of July.    I am doing better with the sunny weather back again.     I don't sit for very long at the computer.     I have my neighbor worker coming again to help at a reduced rate this summer as I told him I have fewer funds.    I am paying him the same he makes doing other work.     I enjoyed catching up on your journal!   Thanks for checking in on me.    mark