Friday, May 2, 2008

Are You Sirius?

I am a terrible blogger. In the beginning I was bubbling over with things to write about every day. I had to hold myself back! My days were spent composing entries about every single thing that happened in my day! It was preposterous! And then it all changed and I was reluctant to share. Possibly because I realized the banality of most of the blogs on the WEB, mine included. It did not feel right any longer.

Surprisingly all week I thought, "that would be good to blog about" and I proceeded to compose once again in my head! It felt good!

A lot has happened recently. The most important is that Joe has taken a job with another company. We were thrilled to move to Louisville, but the job sucked. Big time. So, he found a position with another company and that company wants him in Memphis. As in Tennessee.

Memphis Tennessee.

There are many ways to have first impressions about a new city/town. For me, as you drive into a new foreign land you first encounter their radio stations. It took several days for the "dial" to land on WUMR - Jazz Lovers.

One word, Wow. Who knew?

Now, Lexington (my adopted home town) has terrible radio that forced me to AM talk radio. At one time there was the coolest station out of a small private college in G-town tried to create a new genre called "World Radio". It lasted maybe three years until it was sold off and became a Christian Radio station. I almost cried.

Cinti has the greatest stations and I believe I wrote about them some time ago when we were living in two cities at once. They have one station that is broadcast from some tiny town close to the Sin City that sounds like it is in the basement of some house. Yet, it was wonderful!!

FW (because I learned my lesson about critising FW and dare not whisper the name) was as terrible as Lex and I had to Sirius. And then, I could not figure out how to get it installed in the car....the Company Car. So, we just listened at home. Sometimes. FW must have some sort of block, like a shield that surrounds the area that makes the satellite difficult to receive. No matter where I placed the receiver! I complained a lot, hoping to complain enough to get a refund, or a reduced rate.

Never happened.

But Memphis...that Jazz station is the greatest. And you can listen to it about 100 miles out.

I'm sirius.


slapinions said...

You've moved a lot since I first encounted your blog lol. sirius merius - I'm XM here. Or was, I let it expire over the winter.


indigosunmoon said...

For the longest time we didn't have any rock/pop stations in my area.  Only country radio.  We finally got a new rock/pop station back in my area, and I was absolutely thrilled!  Thank God for CD's...because country definitely is not my thang.  lol

rdautumnsage said...

In the few years before I went deaf, I was beginning to take to listening to Blues/Jazz...nothing bits some of those melodic notes and complicated guitar licks. (Hugs) Indigo

rdautumnsage said...

Meant to say nothing "beats" instead of bits. That's what you get for blogging in the morning. (winks) Indigo

mutualaide said...

On the move and listening to Sirius radio.  Siriously good for you!

mtrib2 said...

When I do listen to music, I like the blues, John Lee Hooker, Howlin Wolf, Muddy Waters and Robert Cray     Stevie Ray Vaughn on DVD (PBS) is fantastic.    For the main part of my day I don't listen and prefer quiet right now.    I have a tiny ear perforation that is normal now to ventilate my right ear.   Anything above the sound from the perforation which is a high pitched sound seems to distract me some though when I do hear music I enjoy it, it's just that when alone I prefer quiet.    Things are changing for me now since my wonderful back surgery.    I have been relieved of the constant debilitating pain in my lower back.   I still have other problems from injury that keep me from sleeping without the medication I took before back surgery, and meds. that I take for chronic pain during the day, but now I feel so much better.    My legs have strength and I feel energy.    Keep enjoying your music and I hope that Joe's new employer is a great one.  

myrdog said...

We used to move around a lot and I miss it. Last stop was Baton Rouge. We have retired now so our moving days are over. Darn boring.

chatalicious said...

OMG I have always taken radio stations for granted. I live closer to NY but within radio reception of Phila as well. We have a great local college station too. My sister just found boomerradio she is raving about she listens to when online. She is near Albany and while I liked one of the stations there it was too hard rock for her tastes. I have eclectic musical taste and often I am driving around with my IPOD plugged in (my favorite thing about my new car!)  Rock on!!

helmswondermom said...

So you are moving to Memphis?

bannistersusan said...