Sunday, August 10, 2008

Montage of Minutiae

And so he says, "You ever heard of Metropolis?"

And I say, "Superman's Metropolis?" And that is how we ended up at the River city across from Paducah on the banks of the mighty Ohio before entering the equally mighty Mississippi. I was not suprised that the area was over run with Super Hero fans. Lots of families and motorcycle gangs. Well, the type of gangs that are very established and everyone rides a very expensive bike with lots of expensive leather (ouch! it was 100 degrees at least) and lots of hot mama's (literally).

Why is it that it you become very successful on the Blogosphere that you are a BIG target for a snippy, mean spirited and down right ugly attacks (in the comments)? I like Pioneer Woman quit a bit. I don't care that she is obviously rich. I see that her Blog has become a "job" and that to have to sit at the computer and come up with something day after day can be exhausting. Hell, I use to post three times a week and it was killing me. Now it is all I can do to post once or twice a month! The attacks or actually attacks might be too strong a word.... The criticism of her site reminds me of High School. Oh hell, not even High School but Grammar School. Does anyone remember the notebooks that use to be passed around and people would write comments about each other for all to see? That's what it reminds me of. There is a lot of jealousy on this wide wide web and fueled by the cloak of anonymity makes it pretty vicious.

And it makes me realize I love the drama! As long as I am not involved. Believe me, I have had my share and it sucks and hurts.

My tomatoes are coming in like gang busters except for the variety I planted in the middle. They are cracked and creepy looking. I hesitate to eat them and as soon as they quit being so creepy I'm going to give those away.

On the way to the Paducah area I listened to a double CD I have of Dan Fogelberg and it reminded me of the time I saw him in concert...circa 1976....and I think it was at Bellamine University. Out of all the seats in the auditorium I happened to be sitting in the one that was in front of the guy who was so F-ed up he lost his balance and fell into me and cracked my head. I don't thing there was any blood, but I was in a bad mood that evening and then....I get bonged but good.

Also listening to Dan I realized that I did not feel the guilt and regret that usually accompanies the soft rock music I listened to from that era. That was an unexpected and very pleasant surprise!

Went to the tiny town in Extreme West Kentucky that I began my college career attending and left feeling violated and ....old. The town has totally changed and if I was shown pictures of it I would never be able to identify it. The old hang out where I would plunk down 99 cents and have a big breakfast has moved form one side of the street to the other and resembles a Waffle House. Then I could not find the old house I rented a room in and with horror realized the Waffle House clone actually sat on the spot!

I am saddened that my memories of my youth are slowly being erased!


abaleman666 said...

recovering catholic... i love that.  i think i need a support group for the guilt i am getting from working in a catholic school with a bunch of catholic ladies.....i guess that makes me catholic by association, or perhaps i am enabling them to be more catholic as they stealthily try to convert me???

i hear you about the people that slam other peoples blogs.  i have to admit that i stooped to the lowness of quoting an example of that the other day (which of course in true junior high fashion i slammed what the writer was saying as they slammed someone else)  once in a while i go there.  i admit it.  but when i do so i dont claim to be superior, i just like to point out the weakness of their arguments (used to want to be a lawyer, toying going back for JD over PhD)

visit the rant anytime. rated r for swears and snarkiness.

sunnyside46 said...

Dan Fogelberg is a pleasant memory to me too.
Never go back, keep your memories safe.
People can get mean over the Internet, just as they can be close, the veil of anonymity works both ways, doesn't it?
It's always good to hear from you

jmorancoyle said...

    Last time I went through Metropolis, was many, many years ago. The statue of Superman in the middle of the one block that served as the 'town' was taller than any of the buildings.

myrdog said...

I have that CD. It's beautiful. I moved back to the town where I grew up. Didn't think I could do it but it's okay.  I stay away from the sad places.