Thursday, May 6, 2010

These are Few of My Favorite Things

Finding myself with a few minutes to kill yesterday morning I quickly down loaded several songs from MP3 Suites, slapped them on my little device and hit the door for work.

My archaic, though dearly loved, MP3 requires me to shift through the tunes to find what I am looking for. And I was dead set on getting to my latest songs.

As I made it past the A songs then the B songs I was cruising effortlessly into the C's when there it was. I paused as I rushed past and returned and I smiled inwardly, I should have known. I never pass this song without listening to it.

Why I love it so much? I think it touches a nerve - no, not a nerve but an emotion inside of me so deep that a whole concerto of feelings are brushed as I fight back the waves of response and reaction not only the lyrics, but the depth of the raw force of angst bursting out of the songs lyrics.

I was the last person in the world to hear the song. If not the last but close to the last because I heard the song on a television program three years ago, a contest to discover the lead singer for a band of super stars - hence Super Nova. His name was Lukas Rossi and as he performed this Radiohead classic the hair on my arms stood on end. I imagine it is only a two minute version, but I was electrified.

I found the original and ever since whenever it comes up on the rotation of my MP3 tunes I always, never have broken the habit, listen to it at least twice. And each time, the hair on my arms stands on end, and I am electrified.

Number One (#1) on the List of In No Certain Order - My Favorite Things is...

The Song Creep.


Everyday Goddess said...

That was a great clip. Lukas nailed it!
Thanks for posting it.

Betty said...

Hello, nice of you to visit my blog! I hope you come by often. I listened to that song, I don´t think I´ve ever heard it before.

Paul said...

Hi Mary,
I still check on you once in while. Hope you don't mind. I thought you might be interested to know that the CREEP melody was based on the Hollies' "The Air that I Breathe" (Hollies were given songwriting credit). Paul

PS. I got married. Hay!

red-handed said...

We all have our creeps, don't we?

Eternally Distracted said...

I actually downloaded that a few days ago and had also forgotten how much I love it... Fabulous.

Cathy said...

Radiohead is one of my top favorites, and "Creep" is what brought me there. "Your skin makes me cry" that's a true image isn't it?! I didn't know it originated with the Hollies, thanks for that Paul. And Everyday Goddess? He didn't "nail it" he forgot the lyrics lol silly gurl. To red-handed I'm gonna catch you to say, I'm a creep and proud of it. Namaste.

V said...

"Creep" is a great song...never fails to make me smile.