Friday, July 30, 2010

My Life as A Mall Rat

My day has been interrupted because I can not get the scanner to work! It works, I just do not have access to the program and my boss has locked her office door! So, my intentions of posting some really old and interesting pictures on FaceBook are ruined.

Being the week end manager means spending lots of boring time in the office doing things that are of no consequence. Like read Time Magazine, post to my other journal my daily grace in small things, have brilliant ideas percolate in my brain (I am working on a big project right now) and listen in to the radio (which only recently I have stopped calling the 'walkie talkie') to all that is going on in the Mall. Stuff like bats flying around the movie theatre, people selling CD's at the Main entrance, lost children and rowdy teenagers. Typical Mall stuff. And every once in awhile I have to respond and make an appearance. Actually, I like to walk around in the evening and experience the night time entertainment. We have 'gangs' of teenagers who congregate here, mainly due to a lack of any where else to go. Sad but true. I once took a telephone call from a concerned mother who asked about a dance off at the Mall.

"A Dance off?" I asked.

"Yes, where one group of kids dance and then the opposing group of kids dance and then they fight."

My fingers immediately took on a life of their own and began snapping a rhythm.

We have West Side Story right here in the South! In the parking lots of C-ville.

Anyway, no dance off, no fighting. Must say I was looking forward to it and slightly disappointed.

There is a tremendous cast of characters at the Mall. Not only the small handful we affectionately call 'the office' but there is Maintenance. Followed by Housekeeping and lastly - the mall cops. We call them Security.

I'm know as MD2 on the walkie talkie, I mean radio. I say "MD2 to Maintenance", they say "Go head" and I say "What's your 20?" and they say, "In the bay" and I say "Do you ever work?" and they say, "Not if we can help it." and then I say, "Well, the eagle has landed" and they say "10-4".

Radio is fun.

Today me and my boss walked to center court to check out if the Maintenance crew had assembled the stage as per directed.

"Oh no, here comes MD1 and MD2". It was funny. Maybe you had to be there.

Everyday I have a rich stew of comical and drama frosted episodes that could be served up as the meat and potatoes of this blog. I just don't have the time nor the cloaking devise to do it justice! Yet it screams for me to tell.

Today a very irate individual came into the front office (of which I continue to occupy due to a variety of reasons) and demanded to see MD1. I knew this guy, as he and his wife had visited last week with a complaint, and I suspected he was back to continue to voice his irritation.

I found MD1 coming down the hall way and told her that she had a visitor.

He landed into her before she could even offer her hand in greeting, "I have a big problem with this gift card program you have. Guess how much my card is worth? it's worth two dollars and fifty cents! I have never used the card, but reading the fine print I see that if I do not use the card with in a year I begin to loose an amount each month. And if I call to check on the balance I loose another $5! This is robbery! Down right robbery! YOU ARE A ROBBER AND A THIEF!"

I was holding my hand over my mouth. I did not know if I should laugh or call for Security! Right then old Mic 1 (Big Guy) emerges from his throne and takes control of the situation telling Mr. Upset about the law and how it was recently changed so that the credit card companies that issue the gift cards were no longer able to charge those type of fees......Everything Mic 1 said Mr. Upset would not accept.

He ended up calling Mic 1 a Low Life and left with threats of getting his son to talk to his Council Member to throw as much negative publicity as possible at us.

When the storm left the office we all shrugged and went back to what ever we were doing.

Later on I hear Mic 1 call out from his office to MD1 "You're a robber and a thief!"

"Better than a Low Life!!"

Tomorrow - Star Wars!


mtrib2 said...

Hi Mary I am slow getting my thank you for visiting my blog to you. I appreciate your concern for me. I continue to work on my home addition for the 5th summer, and in 2005 the front small addition. I am not a carpenter and my back surgery in 2008 was necessary for me to continue to function due to the bone growth pinching on my lumbar. Your review of goings-on at the mall were informative and enlightening. I hope to correspond with you more in the upcoming winter months. I will have more time indoors, and will be finally able to work indoors in the addition directly above and surrounding my present kitchen. Best of regards, mark/salty

Sethisto said...

I always wanted to try being a mall rat for a week.