Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How I Spent my Summer Vacation - Part I


Due to circumstances beyond my control, I found my summer beginning with a move to Memphis Tennessee. Actually, not Memphis proper, but a little ole town directly south of Memphis, in Mississippi. But for all practical purposes, it's Memphis.

It began to rain the moment we hauled the moving truck to load our belongings and it did not stop raining for two weeks.

The mighty Mississippi River overflowed her banks in the downtown area. Tourism was declared dead. After all, when it is reported on national television that Beale Street is under water, what are people to think? Where Beale St. meets Riverside Drive was underwater but the vibrant area full of blues, barbeque, horse and buggies for hire, street performers, Elvis sightings, Handy Park, strong police presence, and tumbling spinning phenomenons was just fine.

They neglected to report that!

The major highlight of the move was transporting the cat. I did not have room in my car as it was filled to the brim with the remains of the house. Pots and pans, the sole remaining plant, etc. etc. etc. It was decided that Kitty would ride with Joe. We put him in the cat carrier and off they went.

Five minutes later my cell phone begins ringing. I heard the most God awful cat crying in the back ground. "He is going crazy!" Joe reported. "Hold him, pet him and calm him down!" I instructed.

It was a four hour drive of puking, pooping and pulling over. The cats heart was beating so fast that we thought he was going to explode. Joe took him out of the car at the "Corn Dog" stop before getting on I-40 at 641 South and the cat ran under the car!! It was a sight to see Joe on his belly coaxing the Kitty to come out!

I think it was the worst drive of Joe's life except that one time in Ireland when I had to keep yelling "TO the left!! TO THE LEFT!!"

Joe is my hero. The cat will be drugged the next time we have to transport him anywhere.



Boy could I relate to this. When we moved we had three cats to transport. One of them hid in the old house and we couldn't find her for the longest time. It was hell on earth. All that screeching and pacing between meows in the car. I learned then and there that CATS do NOT travel well and they hate moving. Glad you are settled in your new place and happy to hear the kitty is doing fine.

That gentleman's lady said...

I've never been to memphis....

Even the cat's been there now.