Saturday, August 31, 2013


Guess what? We have moved again. This time will be the last time for a long long time. Perhaps when taken out feet first or out the window. Which I swear is a tradition I heard at the Dublin Irish Festival. My mother could not confirm it, but they do open a window for two hours to allow the spirit to leave. Then you have to close it so that the spirit does not return!

So we are back in the Louisville area since last week. I am thrilled to be back here even if it is sort of melancholy. I am not certain why, but I feel sad and misplaced. I have called Clarksville home. I have called Memphis home. I have called Ft. Wayne home. I have called Lexington home and today I find I am once again calling Louisville my home base.

And we are trying to lose all the weight we have packed on by heading to the Big Four Bridge and walking back and forth several times. It's a wondrous view of Louisville and Jeffersonville on the Indiana side as well as providing all  Ohio River traffic entertainment.

This morning Joe pointed out what looked like a log floating in the current. Except it was working against the current. It was a massive beaver! A second one followed 30 feet or so  behind the first and did a nose dive under the industrial waters of the Ohio. Sharing the small channel was a lone kayaker who choose just that moment to stop and traverse around and the lead beaver headed straight towards him.

I observed in muted fascination as I anticipated the beaver to head butt the small river vehicle. The beaver went under and I held my breath! The kayak went on about his business and I reluctantly headed up towards the morning exercise thinking about that cartoon of years ago The Angry Beavers.

They are alive in well off the shore of Louisville, living life large on a small channel island just North of the Big Four Bridge.

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Jon said...

I thought you had vanished from the face of the earth! Glad to know that you are safely ensconced in Louisville and doing well.
Take care & keep in touch.

The Faux Cowboy