Friday, February 13, 2004

Brazen Hussies.... Best Girl-pal Date

Every girl has been there.  You want to go out on the town but no man is readily available. So you get your friend to go with you.  Nine times out of ten, a girl friend. 

I have know Gayle since childhood.  She is my long time best buddy. We have a long history of going out and having fun together. She is my best Girl Pal Date.

One evening we went to the Terrace Lounge which was attached to the Eastland Bowling Alley.  Anyone living in the South will tell you, some of the best local music can be heard at the Bowling Alley.  And Lexington is no exception.  The band was "Breeding's Bunch".  They were a cross between Charlie Daniels and Lynard Skynard.  That band rocked the roof every night, except Monday and Sunday.  You had to get there early well before the set starts or you could not get a seat. If you waited much longer, and you could not get in.  It was not unusual to see a long line formed outside the entrance waiting.Our Studio 54. That was the scenario that fateful night when Gayle and I arrived.  " It will take us forever to get in!"  But we are quick thinkers and made our way to the front of the line."We have people in there holding a table! They are waiting for us."  Now the door man has heard this at least a million times, and then some.  Skeptical was his first name.  Yet, we were two pretty young things, so he warned us, "I'm letting you in, but I'm watching you!". 

So we rushed in and quickly scouted out a table with two guys sitting at it, apparently alone, or so we hoped. I made a beeline for them.  "May we share this table with you?".  They were totally taken by surprise, the last thing they expected to happen but what they hoped for!  They let us join them. 

Their names were Rudy (another Rudy) and Steve.  Why do I remember these names 25 years later...because Gayle and Steve were married six months later and will be celebrating their silver anniversary this August.

 That story is still alive and well.  I hear it every time we get together.  I think Steve is very grateful that he ran into two very brazen hussies that night so many years ago.


sistercdr said...

This is just one of the best tales I've heard in a long time. Gotta love those gal pal dates.

wfhbear said...

Great story! You provide some great reading and a memory or two. Thanks, Bill.

krobbie67 said...

You say brazen hussie like it's a bad thing???? ;-) ---Robbie

andreakingme said...

Another surprising and gently amusing story. That's just too funny that Gayle ended up marrying one of the guys. But it figures, doesn't it?

The best times I had out were with girl friends. We always had duh bomb.

dymphna103 said...

That is a sweet story and to think of they way they met. It must be a blessed marriage, john

deabvt said...

Geezzzzzz...That`s a wonderful Piece of Life