Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Adventures in Motherhood

While in Louisville several weeks ago, we met up with my daughter Bridget and her boyfriend Scott at Cracker Barrel.

While waiting for a table, we browsed through the cornucopia of stuff they have on display.I immediately found Big Bird, new, yellow and oh so fresh! I hid him behind my back and waited till Bridget was in close proximity. I pulled him out and danced him towards her. She screamed, (like I knew she would) and grabbed him saying " My Big Bird" and began to hug him.

We both said at the same time, "Do you remember Dennis and Big Bird". And we both started laughing.

Long ago and far away in another world, while living in Louisville I was dating a guy named Dennis. Bridget was approximately three years old. She had a stuffed Big Bird that she carried around with her at all times. It was never out of her sight for very long. She had a habit of carrying him by his long neck which elongated it even more.

Dennis comes from a big Catholic family. Their main source of entertainment while growing up was teasing each other relentlessly until tears (or fists...he had many brothers). Dennis never grew out of it.

While he was visiting one day, Bridget was carrying Big Bird around and without much thought left Big Bird within Dennis' reach. In a flap of Big Birds wing span, Dennis had grabbed the disfigured Big Bird and proceeded to stick his head in the door jam and close the door repeatedly back and forth on poor defenseless Big Bird. You would have thought someone was killing Bridget with the blood curdling screams that came out of her mouth.

I was falling down laughing at the time, but Bridget was traumatized. Ever since then it has been known as the Big Bird incident.

I have seen Dennis off and on over the years. When ever I see him he always asks about Bridget. I relay this to her.  No matter how  much older she becomes, the time growing long since it happened, she still squints her eyes and mutters, "Big Bird Killer."

We laughed in Cracker Barrel and said in unison, "Big Bird Killer".


hempenhomespun said...

Well, nothing will stick with a child better than abusing her favorite stuffed animal.

"the Big Bird incident" LOL. It sounds like some serious government cover-up or something.

my78novata said...

Yeah perhaps he should do time in big birds cage LOL Its funny the things I remember like that from childhood. Like in the flood my dad would not get my favorite doll . I know there were reasons now but to me a child it made no sense at all. Just pick her up and pull herin the boat!!!! Lori http://beta.journals.aol.com/my78novata/LorisLaurels/

mlraminiak said...

The most amazing thing is, there's no way this could be "x" number of years ago... They grow up TOO fast! Lisa :-]

deabvt said...

Ahhh, nice to have shared memories!

yakima127 said...

What a cute picture! I have a cousin, who I call (behind his back) "Hamster Killer".
Only this was no joke; when HE was three, (he is in his late 30's now) he killed my pet hamster. He is a cop now...go figure!

dymphna103 said...

That was great. Beautiful daughter. john

musenla said...

That was some wacky behavior he displayed there. Poor Bridget, no wonder she was traumatized! At least now she can look back at it with humor.

slowmotionlife said...

Imprisonment sounds appropriate. LoL Isn't it amazing what sticks with a kid? I sure hope she got a replacement bird. Looks like she and Big Bird were made for each other. :P

krobbie67 said...

What a big meanie the "Big Bird Killer" was!!!! No wonder it has stuck with your daughter. But, glad that she can finally laugh with you after all these years. Now, what I want to know is whether that is you or your daughter in the picture??? Have you ever posted your pic on here? :-) ---Robbie

andreakingme said...

Oh! Mary! No wonder you're still not with the Big Bird Killer. What a rotten thing to do to a three-year-old. (Okay, yeah, it's a little funny.)

Cute memory.