Sunday, November 13, 2005


(Cave Hill Cemetery Nov. 2005)

We are under a Wind Advisory in North East Indiana. And they are not joking, the wind is pretty strong. Strong enough to make it near impossible to open and close a car door. No one told me that I should expect such fierce winds. Since the land is so flat up here maybe they thought I could figure it out.

The wind and rain have stripped off the beautiful leaves and have sent them dancing all over the streets and lawns. The kids next door came over during the week and made me an offer I could not refuse. To rake my leaves. For $5..........each! Such enterprise should be rewarded.

I guess I will grow accustomed to the Wind Advisory Alerts. Since I found out the hard way snow around these parts is not cause for concern. I will not be receiving the obligatory Snow Alerts that are common a little further south.

Last March I was up here and walked outside and it was a blizzard! At least six inches since I had entered the apartment only hours before. No Bread, Milk and Beer Alerts for these seasoned Mid-Westerners.

I usually do not write much about Joe's family, as we are a blended family and I feel that their privacy is important. But I have to announce that Joe is now A GRANDPA!!!! And I guess I am a Step-Grandma.

Hopefully pictures to come. He went home to see the latest addition to the family. I gave him my camera. You have seen (the last post with that blurry picture of a travel weary Alphawoman) his handiwork with a camera.

I can only hope.

Welcome to the world Tinkerbelle.


oceanmrc said...


mavarin said...

I love that picture! Here we only get thurnderstorm and flash flood warnings (in seaseon), and a couple of freeze warnings so that people can cover their citrus trees.  

Congratulations to Joe and family!


xzasporated1 said...

Hey Mary!  It's windy!  

I'll be your highly unofficial snow-foolin' weather advisory person!

Congratulations to everyone on your new addition.  Oh boy!!  Christmas presents for infants are FUN to buy.

And Joe:  focus!

~~ jennifer

tc01hm said...

Nice with the carpet of color too!

boiseladie said...

Love the fall photo above, great shot!  Congrats on the new addition to the family.

moodymyke7 said...

Dear Alpha,

Jeanette from "Welcome to my travels"  sent me over here to read your journal

and I am so glad she did.  Congradulations on being a Grandma...heehee.......I was in Indiana once and the wind froze my bones.....How come you are there??Got to go but will be back to read your journal......

                                                                      take care MoodyMyke

my78novata said...

ah but they take care of thier roads better a little snow in ky can be worse than a  big one up north. Mom said in Alaska it was safer to drive than even a little dusting here. Congrats to joe

yakima127 said...

Congratulations all around!  JAE

nellemclaughlin said...

Congratulations to Joe and you! Beautiful leaves. Do you even have a winter coat? You will need one, along with a heavy set of gloves, boots etc.......... I love the first snow. After that it becomes something to contend with as you get to and from work.

jmorancoyle said...

    Congrats! Children are wonderful.
    Don't worry about the wind warnings. It's the cold that gets me. All winter long you will hear about wind chill advisories. There's you're worry. Dress accordingly, in layers that can be added to and peeled off later. You'll get the hang of it. Your first winter will be the longest. And don't slow down for the snow unless everyone else is! That drives a true northerner nuts. It really isn't as hard as you think it should be.

mariebm56 said...

Congratulations to all....
Top photo is stunning, love the color.
great shot!

lisaram1955 said...

Love the picture, Mar!  I'm sorry if all the leaves have blown away...

I lived in the midwest for many years (Chicago area.)  We didn't have THAT many wind advisories.  I don't think it's as common as you think...  Heard the winds at Soldier Field today made the Bears' game interesting.  LOL!

Congrats on making your first foray into step-grandma-hood.  Lisa  :-]  

ally123130585918 said...

I do so hate the wind - it is pretty windy here in Norfolk - but not as bad as you get it....The land is flat around here so maybe that is why...Picture is lovely, shame the wind and rain stripped them of the Autumn glory....Congratulations to Joe on becoming a GRANDPA..and to you on becoming a Step-Grandma. Hope he has mastered the art of using your camera..look forward to seeing his pictures....Ally

suzypwr said...

I think half the country blew sideways yesterday. Congrats on being a step-grandma!

delela1 said...

I second that half the country blew sideways yesterday.  I stayed indoors!

Love the shot of the trees aglow in their fall colors!

And, me thinks you is a grandma...the only step in front of you is the step you take to love someone.  Just my two cents worth.


k2plus2 said...

Beautiful picture that reminds me of home. . .  Hope you enjoy the good things about the area!  hehehe (BEER), also, congrats on the new addition and title(s) that go along with him/her.  Cya, Kris  PS  I hope the pics. come out okay!  

mtrib2 said...

Wonderful photo of the autumn trees.   There has been high wind and tornado's in the S. Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky area.  A bad tornado hit Indiana recently with many deaths.   I lived in N. Illinois for many years, and the winters are for the hardy souls.   As a kid I enjoyed the deep snows and memories of ice skating.  Your new Grandma status should be wonderful.    mark