Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Don't Hate Me Because I love Walmart

I must admit, I'm glad the shopping part of the Christmas holiday is behind me. I do not enjoy being in large crowds with short tempered, impatient customers and overworked, underpaid and overwhelmed clerks.

I did all my shopping in a matter of days thanks to phenomenal planning and being able to get to the stores at an extraordinarily early hour!! Beat the crowds!! It works every time!!

And a hardy thanks goes out to Walmart for just being there all the time 24 hours a day. Except for the eggnog incident, it would be the perfect store. And it will continue to be the perfect store as long as it stays out of my home town in Kentucky. I, for one, do not mind driving the 20 minutes to either Lexington or Frankfort.

While having a conversation with one of my customers we were discussing the long underwear fad. I remarked that I would not go to Victoria Secret to purchase them when Walmart carried a perfectly good brand called Hanes. She remarked that she found her daughter's at Value City.

Value City?? I remember that name from when I lived in Louisville! I traipsed myself into the store (which I pass practically everyday!!) and that was the end of my shopping spree!! They had everything I wanted!! For me!! I found the cutest little pair of fur trimmed boots....a must in the white tundra waste land....., designer pants, wonderful marked down racks! I was in heaven! My shopping was completed.

I promise that next year (I make this solemn pledge every year at this time) I will start earlier, keep better records of what I think people would like, and use the Internet. Joe did not even have to leave the house!

But...just the fact of being there, of tapping into some cosmic affiliation with all the last minute grabbers, I mean shoppers. It is almost magical, if not hysterical.

I know I would miss it.


tc01hm said...

Walmart, around here, can't walk in and out- no matter what time of year or day. LOL!

my78novata said...

ah I tried going at six am here in Winchester and no avail . NONE whatsever.!!!!!!!!!! three check outs and backed up last week at that. WINCHESTER walmart is horrid. and I notice our employees are worse thanthe other stores and I dont know why its like that even at lowes and applebees the ones in other towns get such nice workers.

yakima127 said...

I went shopping at WalMart one night, amidst all the craziness, and got some great ideas.  The next day (yes, Christmas Eve) I ran in during a break at work.  Grabbed what I needed, hit the register with no line, and was back out on the sidewalk in 5 minutes!  No lie!  I was amazed!  I thought I would have to spend my lunch break in there, but, instead, didn't even use a 15 minute break!  Woo-Hoo WalMart!  JAE

suzypwr said...

I went to a WalMart once. That was enough for me! I haven't tried Value City yet, although there are a few of them around here. Maybe I should check it out?

sunnyside46 said...

I haave left full buggies in the check out line in that place. I am a victim of Walmartphobia!

readmereadyou said...

I learned a hard lesson this year. For a few years now, I have been doing all of my Christmas shopping online. Usually, done by November. This year, I waited until the 1st of December and everything I wanted was SOLD OUT. Boy, was I ticked off. Actually had to get my stuff in REAL stores. LOL!

Happy New Year,

artloner said...

Well Honey...I love ya', so I'm not going to take you to task on Walmart.  I am happy to know you are sporting long drawers, and Christmas was a success!


ps:  MWAH!  ;)

frankandmary said...

thankyou for dad's card  we say shop were you like!

oceanmrc said...

A good friend jumped all over me last month for going to Walmart so I have been shamed into almost abandoning it for Target.  But you're right -- the convenience is almost unbounded.  Since they're both 10 minutes away, it's not a hardship.  Value City -- now that's 45 minutes, if it's even still there.
Merry Christmas!

adlessor said...

Here is Mesa AZ. there are two very close Super Walmart's and if that isn't enough there is a Walmart market here as well.  Most of my shopping was done on line but when I went to Walmart there were no long lines.  Happy New Year.

nellemclaughlin said...

I found the egg nog in my grocery store. I must say it was delicious but did you see how many calories it has? Wow! After enjoying it very much I gave the other quart to my father who also loves it. I too enjoy the shopping when the crowds are not present. I do buy some things online but there are other things that I like to see and touch before making the final decision on. I do start early and in fact am picking up a few things even now to put away for next year. By the time December rolls around I usually have at least a third done. We also have Value City. It's hit or miss, sometimes I find plenty and other times nothing but it's a nice place to go when I have some extra time on my hands. Happy New Year!

randlprysock said...

OMGosh- we have a Valu City back home in Canton, Ohio where we're from!  Lol!  It's a small world and I do love, love, love Walmart and yep, the clerks there are sometimes so terrible.  But yep, early is the way to go and everything is all in one spot.  So nice.  We do too much shopping there.  Why can't they give regulars a discount?

msbubblegum1206 said...

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