Sunday, October 1, 2006



Key West has got to be one of the most beautiful, stimulating, colorful, soul-stirring, exhilarating, fanciful, outrageous, whimsical, boisterous, frolicking and funky towns in the United States.

Look what it did to Hemingway.

Look what it does to all those tourists and visitors who make the journey! After one visit it becomes part of you, one of your most treasured memories. Like a vivid tattoo on your soul.

That is, if you get it.

If you do "get it" then returning becomes a pilgrimage.

It is a place that is best described with photo's. I'll leave the word descriptions to more qualified writers. And the Poets.

Roosters, roosters everywhere you look. At first I heard them. Cock-a-doodle-do. Why do they roam free? Going everywhere and any place they want? Into bars, into restaurants, into the traffic, strutting down Duval St?

Who knows, but they seem to own the town. There is even a  place that is like a haven for the sick and infirm, the unwanted fowl. You can even purchase one if you want.

Though they seem to have no master....if you ask me


nellemclaughlin said...

My father always said that was one of his favorite places and where he planned to retire to. He didn't realize that once he had five kids and their families in NJ Mom wasn't going to go along with that idea. I have never been that far South when in Fla. but would like to see it sometime.

tc01hm said...

I agree!

mtrib2 said...

I have never been to Key West but I can just imagine it's beauty.    It must be enchanting from your description.   I have gotten my diagnosis from the MRI and I have spinal stenosis of the lumbar spine which is causing me pain in my left hip.    I have been told by the physical therapist that I should not exert myself working on my home as I could cause permanent nerve damage.    I have waited for several weeks to hear from the orthopedic back specialist if Medicaid in Illinois will OK an appointment to see him.     The bone around my spinal cord has narrowed from arthritis and is putting pressure on it which causes the nerve in my hip to have severe pain.    mark  

jmorancoyle said...

Okay, new location on my must go to list. I'm interested.

suzypwr said...

Key West is one of my most favorite places to go :). I also remember being glad, the last time I went, that I did not let my traveling partner pack his handgun into the trunk. The roosters can be annoying at times!