Monday, December 17, 2007

HOPE....A four letter word?

I try to avoid writing about family members and those close to me. I feel this is akin to stepping over a line called friendship and perhaps even ethics. It sucks at times when I have such a juicy story I am dying to tell! The only family person I will write about (besides Joe and I tell him every time) is Bridget. She is the type of person that when I mention Blog she says, "What???"
Last week a light bulb not only went off above my head, fireworks, dancing the polka, tossing back chocolate-tinis and throwing knives also accompanied the sudden parting of the fog!
I had decided to give her for Christmas jewelry-beading lessons.
The girl is good with her hands. Her Dad made his living making dental crowns and the such so she has inherited the gift. One of her first jobs was making one of original fast food "wraps" (a good ten years ago) and she was always put on the Wrap line because she was excellent at this particular composition. It has manifested itself in various ways years before, and after. I just was not paying particular attention.
She is in a series struggle to find her way in life. Going to school is not an options as she is just not.....let's say she is class room averse.
I never felt so brilliant in my life. And so late in being brilliant.
I have been canvassing all the Bead shops, craft shops and any small shop on Bardstown Road that may offer lessons. Today I hit the jackpot, and she was even with me! I had taken her out to lunch to give her a pep talk and a good meal. She begged to hang out with me (how could I say no) so I told her what I was up to.
As we drove past the shop she turned to me and said, "Dad's friend owns this shop I think. One time he was going to ask Sandy to hire me."
And yes it was Sandy! And yes they do have private lessons that are very reasonable and progressive. Bridget was in love as we entered the store and began to study all the beads, baubles, stones, strings and rocks....
I talked to Sandy. "How did you get into this business?"
10 minutes later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bridget said later she felt so bad for me, she should have warned me how ponderous he could be at times.
I was just glad he started in the middle and did not start out telling me where he was born, how much he weighed, and where he went to grammar school, high school, took music lessons......blah blah blah.
What a story!
I could have told it in two paragraphs. It took him a lot longer.
But, I have hope and it feels so good. It feels like a warm wonderfulness in the mid section. She and I had an exquisite talk on the way to drop her off. Already we have a web site and so many art shows lines up in our heads.
If enthusiasm begets success that kid has a road opening up for her.
Just, never ask Sandy anything personal. Unless you have an afternoon to kill.


mutualaide said...

Well, you are brilliant ... even if it was slow in coming!  I know what you mean about writing about family members and friends.  I make it a point to let my family and friends know that I 'share' them with my on-line friends.  No one has groused about it at all.  Maybe it helps because my audience is limited due to the nature of a private journal ... or maybe they really just don't mind.   I never use last names and I often abbreviate (which I didn't do here -- sorry!)

Great Christmas Gift!!! Really!

svenskagrl said...

Mary, you are a totally cool Mom!  Will you be mine????  What a great gift!  Please do share the website addy when it is up and running so I can start shopping!

Happy Holidays!  Leslie

helmswondermom said...

What a great idea.  I'm glad you found a place and one she already knows, too.

st0rmwhispers said...

Your brilliant!

I tip my santa hat to you!

Ho Ho Ho and Merry Christmas!

Did you really dance the polka?  Too Kewl!

freeepeace said...

wonderful!  keep us posted.  

loisontheweb said...

    What a special treat it has been to travel to your BLOG this past year.  I learned lots of things, too!

jmorancoyle said...

    This is funny because I bought my daughter all kinds of beads, threads and tools to make her own jewelry. She's good with her hands and she loves designing things. Why I never thought of this before I don't know. It's another perfect fit. Have a healthy and happy New Year.

sunflowerkat321 said...

It feels so good to stumble on the rare perfect gift.  You really hit the jackpot on this one.  I know she'll enjoy every moment.