Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Santa's Recycling Center

I realize I spend a lot of time away from J-land. Actually, I am not blogging/journaling all that much anywhere anymore!

But...I was thinking about Christmas cards. I recently read about making a collage out of all your "saved" Christmas Cards. (come on, I know you save your cards too). So, I took it one better and thought I would make some cards from the stash I have accumulated over the years.

One thing led to another and I thought what if I asked if anyone in J-land wanted to be part of a Christmas Card exchange?

It is one of my favorite things....receiving cards, especially at Christmas.

So, e-mail me, or leave a comment and let's see what happens!


This is how it would work. Since Christmas is a week from now, lets give it a December 15 deadline.

I will compile a list of everyones name and addresses and e-mail them to everyone on the list. We each will send everyone on the list a Christmas Card and it does not have to be homemade. (mine will be, but that is because I am a nutcase who has too much time on her hands and should be out looking for a job so I find lots of other things to do to take up my time to ensure I don't have any time to go out and seek employment).

It will be fun! I promise.


ksquester said...

Well, I see a clown in that photo.  I have a clown phobia.............but that is beside  the point!    Anne

fabshels said...

I would be interested. Sounds fun! Let me know. Thanks!

Shelli from MO

mutualaide said...

I see that clown too ....

I think I'd be interested, but to be honest, I think I'm a little dense in the 'exchange' department.  Would that be make my own and exchange with you?  Or just sending Christmas greetings?  I think I'd be interested ... :)

chatalicious said...

That sounds like fun to me, I know I would at least like to send YOU a card. I sent Connie and Jennifer already. Don't have time for homemade either but I have a special card for Irish friends! Dont' know if you had this my new email (actually one I've had forever.)
Keep on crafting! :)

sunnyside46 said...

I can't do it because I am too disorganized to send any Christmas cards. I know I'd like to do it, I'd say I'd so ,then I'd forget to send any.
See, I am learning my limitations ini my old age.

maryloumilano said...

I would have done this if I hadn't been so stressed out trying to get everything ready for my too short and already over Christmas trip home!  This is the first chance I had had to check in here in a while - How did this work out?  If the offer is still open sign me up for next year!

suzypwr said...

NOW I get a chance to catch up on some old entries - sorry! I hope it went well :-)