Monday, January 28, 2008

Project 365

I am trying (again, I got to mid-Feb last year) to participate in the Project 365. A picture a day for the entire year.

This is 028/365. Bridget hamming it up with the desert menu....TBC


ksquester said...

I'll have the tarimasuii or however you spell it!   She is a doll!   Anne

suzypwr said...

I can eat either dinner or dessert, lol! She looks ready to sample them all!


chatalicious said...

She is beautiful! One thing I rarely have out is dessert. That's a hangover from when we were kids and when we ate out, all of us, it was on a shoestring budget. Hard and fast rule: no appetizers or desserts. To this day, I feel extravagant ordering either, even when I CAN afford it! Bon appetit!