Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Who Do They Think I Am? Paula Dean!?

Around Christmas time my daughter asked me to make some Peanut Butter cookies, her favorite. As a Christmas present. As terrible as it sounds, I never got around to it. Last week J. asked me to bake some store bought refrigerator roll cookies, chocolate and peanut butter for the crews at his work.

As a reward for no accidents. In their lingo, 00.

So I obliged him and for two nights in a row I baked.

This week-end I recalled Bridgets request with some guilt and whipped up a batch of home made, mouth watering, the most colossal, sumptuous, magnificent, cookies extraordinaire, beyond compare...the ultimate cookie of all cookies....the Shaker Peanut Butter Cookie.

I know you scoff at the idea, but it is true. So true, that I have been making them non stop since Saturday afternoon! J. took the tin to work (sorry Bridget) because he did not want them in the house as they are too tempting.

The next day he asked if I could make some more,  the night crew heard about the cookies and felt left out, slighted. I made a double batch. J. called from work the next day, the cookies, all eight dozen gone by 930 am and a lot of disgruntled people shaking the crumbs out of the cookie tins.

A second double batch was made last night and sent.  Today he called and asked, begged,  just one more time,  please!!!  The cookies are legendary now and the demand has increased.

Who am I? Paula Dean! I need two strapping young men in my kitchen doing all the work while I receive all the accolades.

Anyway, the final double batch was whipped up in the kitchen and the secret ingredient was added.....

J. will hint that the reason they are so divine is because of that magic ingredient, but he will not tell them what it is.

But I'll tell you, it's love.

(Bridget did receive her batch too!) 


mlraminiak said...

Where do you get all this time to bake?  Lisa  :-]

rap4143 said...

Looks good :)....invite me over a cuppa of tea and a cookies :).


chatalicious said...

Each year for Christmas I make my ex a batch of peanut butter cookies from his Mom's old recipe. I also have a newer recipe that you add a chocolate kiss too.
They are yummy. Glad Bridget got hers because I'm sure she knows the secret ingredient already.
Cheers (toasting with milk)

mutualaide said...

Oh, I'm looking at that picture and remembering my mother's peanut butter cookies and thinking maybe I should did out the recipe and get to work.  One batch will do ... I'm trying to lose pounds, not find them.  :)

I was laughing while reading just thinking of all that peanut butter, flour, sugar and butter!  

jmorancoyle said...

    Yeah for Bridget! I promised my Jon a homemade double chocolate cake for his birthday last June. I finally whipped up a boxed 'red velvet' cake this past weekend. Not the same at all. One of these days....