Monday, June 16, 2008

My Happy Place(s)

A thief in the night blog

I found this theme on a very famous blog, so I am stealing it. It  is not so unusual that it has not been done before, it is just that I discovered it there so it is not a bona fide original Mary thought. Oh well, what can I say....

Back in the past, when I was receiving a pay check, I received that check once a month! Talk about leaning (forced) to budget! Yet on that glorious day I would rush to my favorite stores and indulge myself. First would be Sam's Club, then Tuesday Morning and I would round out the day at Borders.

Alas, those days are gone and money is tight. At least the throwing away kind. The kind that is so much fun to spend on non essential materialistic crap that will eventually end up long forgotten and in a yard sale.

Deep inside of me is a need so forceful that when it is unleashed it brings me great joy and happiness.  The frivolous spending of money. When I find myself sad and blue, overwhelmed with things and circumstance I take myself to one of my Happy Places....

The Goodwill Store!

A cornucopia of discarded treasure that distracts me from the worries of living and coping. I indulge my love of books by digging through the large canvass hampers of books. So deep, that to get to the bottom your feet leave the ground. There is unbounded joy in me as I pull out Pride and Prejudice , The Diary of Anne Frank and a Field guide to recognizing birds.

How can anyone forget the box of doll hands and feet I found last year!

The games, Scrabble, Bingo, Monopoly. The Barbie dolls and toy dinosaurs and bags of slightly used crayons. Cookie tins and exquisite dishes and Bybee pottery. Hand painted Italian water pitchers. Picture frames and old magazines from the 1960's.

I take a $10 bill with me and always leave with a bag of goodies, some change and a huge smile on my face.

As I said, one of my Happy Places.



mutualaide said...

Good idea to only bring the $10.00 with you.  When we go, we fill a paper bag for 50 cents.  Our Goodwill store has fill a bag day ... Thursdays.  So much fun.  Amazing what you can fit into one paper bag.

catslittertray said...

i must admit one of my favouite  happy places is our local salvation army charity shop it amazing just what you can find in there,and always at a good price,

myrdog said...

love those stores.

jmorancoyle said...

    Last Goodwill store in this area closed when two of their employees ripped them off for over $1,000,000. And I never saw anything that good in there.

mlraminiak said...

I have indulged in "retail therapy" at Goodwill stores for decades.  Eugene, Oregon has to be the Goodwill capitol of the country.  Unfortunately, the closest store to me now is almost twenty miles away.  I am going through Goodwill withdrawal.  Lisa  :-]

chatalicious said...

Recently I became friends with a coworker from Seattle, Washington. She is such a neat person and she was telling me how different life is there. She mentioned all the thrift stores in that area and she is shocked there are so few here. The nearest Goodwill is in Trenton and my son who lives much closer goes there a few times each week. He now hates when I buy him new clothes because he loves the bargains he can get there. He has supplied me with so much glassware I have been forced to share them with friends! I miss having time but if you are ever in NJ I can take you to the mother of all flea markets. Too hot right now but in the Fall you can find some amazing things! Any plans for your check to stimulate the economy? lol