Friday, June 6, 2008

"Come On Baby Take A Ride With Me......"

"I'm up from Indiana , Down in Tennessee"   John Melencamp

That song made me laugh while listening to my MP3 player when I was walking around the track at the fabulous city park in the small city Joe has taken up residence. As a matter of fact, I really like this city.

I am in the library using the computer and naturally, as it has always been my experience, I am sitting next to a nut case. And I have a fly buzzing around my cubicle.

I finished the book "Year of Jubilo" and it was a real page turner at the end. I even spent a good 10 minutes retelling some of the story with great animation to Joe on Wednesday afternoon. I said that I hope someone makes a movie of it so that I can cry about how much better the book is! I never saw the end coming. Loved it. It was a Civil War book centered around two soldiers returning home after the end of the war and what awaits them in the fictictous town of Cumberland, MS.

Joe thinks that living around so much history and historic sites of the Civil War  has lit the fuse of my obsession with all things related.

Do not have much to say, if anything at all. I am just finding that if I write something, anything it is easier to stay connected.

Does anyone read Confessions of a Pioneer Woman? Recently she had a contest to give away some sort of new fandangled MP3 player if you were one of the three lucky chosen writers of "what songs take you back in time and why". I thought I was a shoo in for one of prizes until I see she had over 13,000 comments with entries.

That means even though my answer is the best (Black Water by the Doobie Bros and the best  summer of my life) I will never survive among the 13,000+ responses. I think she just randomly picked three. Or else I would have won.

No sour grapes, just fresh ones.


mutualaide said...

Oh you are fresh!  And oh how I loved/love the Doobie Bros.  Fond, fabulous, fun summer memories come rushing back.  

Fresh grapes are better than sour anyway.  ;)

slapinions said...

I think she just randomly picked three. Or else I would have won.

No sour grapes, just fresh ones.


slapinions said...

Argh, forgot my actual comment lol.

I thought that phrase I copied was grand.

rdautumnsage said...

Thanks for the jaunt down memory lane, loved that song. I can't imagine having 13,ooo entries. I doubt she would be able to read them all. So I'm in agreement with you it was random. (Hugs) Indigo

jmorancoyle said...

    I will take your recommendation. I love books about history. I haven't read much about the Civil War recently, and I should. Particularly after spending time in Gettysburg.