Sunday, July 20, 2008

Things I hate about AOL

There was a really good reason I added the sitemeter counter on my AOL Journal. It works. Unlike the AOL counter. As I near five years in the AOL community I am proud it  includes a stint as the Editors Pick of the Week, a Guest Editor of the Week, a winner of a ViVi Award, a highlighted journal several times on various communities and my photographs appearing on the Journal Page numerous times when the Journal Page was interesting. Sadly, the hit counter barely has me cracking the 1000 mark.

That stupid counter has reset so many times, I have lost count. Unlike the Sitemeter, which is constant and delivers a realm of information. Such as, where the "visitors" are coming from and how they arrive. It is entertainment actually. You have no idea how many people type in "hippie gypsy" (my non AOL journal), bimbo-gypsies, TbarV, Hungry Bear, etc. etc. etc.

So, I take offensive that sitemeter has been eliminated as an Approved site from the AOL list.

I should not be works.

**** After thoughts........ I failed to establish the fact that sitemeter still works as a tracking device. It will not work as a hit counter not appear on my blog/journal in HTML code (i.e. a site meter visual). Though I see it appears on the journals of others in the, it is just me.

**** Even later. As I have checked my sitemeter tracking this blog is no longer being tracked as of around 10am this morning. I am perplexed. Why is it working for others and not for me?



slapinions said...

What do you mean 'approved list'? Will it no longer work on my journal? Please respond via email.


mutualaide said...

I haven't checked the approved list today ... but yeah, if it works ... well.  AOL counter stinks, has since the beginning of time.  Like you, I've lost count but I was very pleased way back when I was public ... until the first time  AOL reset the damn thing.  Grrrr.

I haven't been able to get site meter into my journal side bar ... just attempted to do that last week.  Didn't realize it wasn't approved.  Should have.

chasenkids said...

While I miss the J-Land family on AOL...I do not miss hosting my journal on AOL.

I wish I had something more inspiring to say other than..."That sucks about your sitemeter". :) I can't think of anything else because I am trying to comment without having coffee first. (Not good)


frankandmary said...

I have something different I use, not a count, but a way of tracking who visits my journal, as I use it for my consulting site as well(the real reason I want it).  I mentioned that to someone in email who has an aol journal & she became damn near hysterical, saying she did NOT want people knowing she visited their journals.
Whenever I need to call an insurance company for the collection work I am doing, AND someone actually helps me, they are gone the next time.  I think that is sim to what is going on with sitemeter.

helmswondermom said...

I use Sitemeter.  I love Sitemeter.  Is it not going to work now?  Am I going to be kicked off AOL Journals if I still us it???

loisontheweb said...

HERE'S SOMETHING THAT I LEARNED TO DO ... haven't had to do it recently, Thank God!  It is rather complitcated, but, not that difficult.  Hopefully, you have (for accuracy) somewhat of an idea of what your hit counter is.  GO TO THIS AOL HELP BLOG; COPY DOWN THE INSTRUCTIONS; IT DOES WORK!


sunnyside46 said...

my AOL counter inexplicably started over a while about so I just deleted it
not sure of this sitemaster of which you speak

jmorancoyle said...

    I dumped my AOL meter because just as you said, it resets itself and I have no idea how many hits I've had in 3 years. I've tried other hit meters and have found nothing that will even show up.