Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm All Jacked Up on Mt. Dew

Thurday 13

Thirteen things I did Yesterday

1) Got my sorry sick butt out of bed and dragged myself to work even though I felt like I was going to lay down and cry once I got there. With this sinus thing I am so sick for about two to three hours each morning before I feel normal. Note to self "CALL IN TOMORROW!!" for heavens sake.

2) Kicked myself in the butt for the one millionth time for not taking that flu shot. Next year I will be first in line.

3) Went into Border Books and found a lovely jewelry book that I read for about 15 minutes and decided that I must have it! Need Border coupon (33% off) and break open my penny jar. Then tell myself to go to library and check similar book out. The fit passed.

4) Better to go into candy store and buy two Slo Pokes for .99 cents and thank God my taste buds have not affected by this very horrendous cold.

5) Sat at desk and bid on E-Bay for a lot of 53 pairs of "vintage" earrings ( 70's and 80's) for 99 cents. Won!!

6) Sent out job applications for eminent move (more about this later when final destination is determined, could be Memphis could be Canton - not certain yet).

7) Wrote (yet another) killer cover letter but understand the futility of my endeavors because it is apparent that desirable jobs are a game of who knows who.
Luck is everything.

8) Talk on phone to five family members! Keep thinking about radiation on my brain from battery in cell phone!

9) Send out belated Birthday card to my cousin and a Love you thinking of you get well soon card to my Sis, who had a hysterectomy yesterday (why so much time on cell phone with family members).

10) Go to the Bucket for my part time job and realize how absolutely crazy I am and the extremes I will go to avoid housework.

11) Come home remembered I had recorded my favorite reality TV show - my guilty pleasure, Survivor and get all hyped up. Too much to fall asleep no matter how tired and ill I am. Its like I'm all Jacked up on Mt. Dew!!

12) Watch Jimmy Fallon, my new boyfriend and King of late night. I simply live for his "Tweets" segment weekly called Hashtags. I love his games, and I love when he pulled people out of the audience and had them agree to perm their hair. I just love him. He is so funny. I simply adore his "Thank You Notes" segment. I may steal it for a Thursday 13.

13) Finally realize sleep is coming over me and decide to call in sick tomorrow! And I did. Another Thursday 13 possibility, 13 things I did when I was suppose to be home sick....


Anonymous said...

Get well soon! Sounds like you're doing too much for being a sick person!

Java said...


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JTS said...

Whew! You kept pretty busy for feeling crappy. Hope that sinus bug departs soon so you can take a day just to relax and have fun! :-)

Pearl said...

3. guess that book will get cheaper with Borders filing for bankruptcy. but know what you mean, impulse buy urge passes. some books you keep wanting.

Java said...

I loved reading these! Hope you are feeling better!!

Thanks for stopping by the Over 40 Bloggers I added your blog to the list!!

Thanks for joining the party!

Hope you get lots of followers from it!