Saturday, January 21, 2006


View from the Richmond Hill Inn

I awoke early for a Saturday, around 5am and realized I had been dreaming of Jamaica. I'm not certain if it was the breeze from the ocean, or the sound of the surf against the beach, or the sound of the locals laughing and calling to each other as they eased themselves into the Caribbean's dark waters at 6am, every morning around 6am, and waited for the sun to rise and transform the bay into that astonishing aqua blue.

Just the faint remnant of a dream, the memory of warmth on my skin, a trace of fragrant salt water lingering......I knew it was Jamaica.

Joe and I have just returned from a four day, three night dream vacation from the island in the West Indies. The temperature was always perfect. The skies stunning, the Caribbean breathtaking.

I did not want to leave.


rap4143 said...

Oh what an inviting photo :).

sunnyside46 said...


coy1234787 said...

I didn't want to leave?
Who could blame you!
Just love that photo,
will stay tuned for more.
 *** Coy ***

yakima127 said...

How nice!  I BET you didn't want to leave...who would?  JAE

ally123130585918 said...

Dream on......Ally

tc01hm said...

I hope you rolled over and went back!

ksquester said...

Beautiful and NO hurricane. Come to Arizona if you don't want rain....we are going on 100 days without rain and begging for some showers.   Anne

mavarin said...

Wonderful picture.  Now I wanna go there!


suzypwr said...

I remember the mountains being higher in Jamaica - I must have been there at a different port. I love the Caribbean! No one wants to leave the islands!


readmereadyou said...

Beautiful place. I can see why you'd be dreaming of this for a long time. : )

artloner said...

I love the WI.  The first morning I awoke and saw that sky, I cried.  

(I know...geek that I am.)

Are you sure ya'll don't want to adopt?




mtrib2 said...

I did not realize that there was mountains in Jamaica.   Glad that you had a great vacation.    mark

nellemclaughlin said...

OH I have vacation (and dream) envy! Good for you, glad it was wonderful.

helmswondermom said...

Oh how beautiful!  Perfect for me to look at today because it has been pouring down all day long!

boiseladie said...

I love this photo!  It's so relaxing looking, beautiful there.  Ahh... and I spy a cruise ship in the distance!  lol