Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Frugal Daughter

How did I live to be this ripe old age and avoid setting foot in a Bed Bath & Beyond until today?

I wish I could have put it off longer. But I am in desperation mode. I had already been to some of my favorite bargain stores to find a Comforter for the bed. Tuesday Morning had some gorgeous things, but it was the first store and I didn't know any better at the time.

The wall of comforters at Value City was enormous. Up to the ceiling. I could not grab the attention of any staff working the floor, so I found a step ladder and got it myself! That certainly should have brought the staff running, but nay.

Once I got it home, the package marked Queen was not a Queen. It was some weird size, maybe a Queen size in Lilliput but not at the Maryrosa. So I took it back.

That's how I ended up at BB&B.

Christ, what an intimidating place! Too many choices! Too many things I had no idea what they were!

What the hell is a duvet cover? Is it like a table cloth for a bed? I examined the pseudo bed on display and the cover was fat and plush. It contrasted with the flat small package I held in my hand ($129). "How does it become big and fluffy" I turned the package over and over seeing if I needed to add water or what!! (like those magic sponges).

I was hesitant to take it out of the package because I had already taken a curtain "scarf" out of the package to ascertain why it would be $69.99 when the panels were only $19.99. Wouldn't one purchase a third panel and make do? When I tried to stuff it back into the plastic bag I realized it was not going to be pretty!

I hid it on the bottom shelf behind some other stuff.

I finally ran across an all inclusive set, comforter, shams and skirt and not a moment too soon as I was feeling my face begin to flush from the sheer absurdity of myself in such a store.

I have too much of my frugal Mother in me.


oceanmrc said...

OK, you have not sent kids off to college....? I have been to BB&B in Cleveland, Columbus, New Orleans, and Salem OR.  Many many trips!

sunnyside46 said...

those places terrify me too....

suzypwr said...

Duvet covers go over a comforter. Keeping them neat is next to impossible. People seem to think that they then just need to wash the duvet cover, as if nothing penetrates the fine cotton fabric of the duvet cover....What I don't get is why they cost almost the same as a comforter out of the same fabric?

Child should have been there to help you. She loves doing that, I hate it....xoxo

rap4143 said...

LOL your entry cracked me up....I feel the same way in that store....I see $$$$$ I am so cheap!!!

ksquester said...

Oh Mary, I have been using duvet covers for decades. I love them, but then again, I have a "thing" for linens.   Anne