Tuesday, May 1, 2007


..... or No Man Is An Island for Long

You would think that being in a customer service/sales environment I would be interacting with people all day every day. And perhaps I am, but it has been like living a surreal dream.

I recently acknowledge that I have been just going through the motions, cast in this role of  Southern Belle adrift in the corn fields of the American Heart land. I have made few, if any, friends. Just a few acquaintances as I do my time up here.

The past few weeks have been a wind whirl of activity. Meeting with inspectors, appraisers, Realtors, plumbers and in the immediate future more Realtors, electricians, and concrete people! It's impossible to operate as if I am submerged underwater moving in slow motion with deliberate squirming. I have emerged from the deep end and have climbed the ladder to the top of the high board where I take dive after dive after dive. And the occasional back flip.

The Realtor who is going to sell this house is a character. Already I know that she is going to be great for me. Not only as the agent for my home, but as someone I can lean on, ask questions without feeling like a nim-rod, and she has already offered to help me do the fix up work, if needed!

No man is an island, and I have tried to not become attached to anyone nor anything in this area. I do not think I started out that way, but it evolved.

I'm climbing back up the ladder for a huge swan dive right now.



suzypwr said...

Be prepared to sign a lot of papers :)

My house was exactly one year from the time I put it on the market until I closed on it - I sure hope your market is better than ours! I think ours is about the worst in the country these days.

Good luck! Happy Diving!


randlprysock said...

I haven't ever sold a house before so this is very interesting to me.  We bought this house together a few months ago and I am so thankful for a wonderful realtor in the process.  She made all the difference in the whole world.  Hugs,

gaboatman said...

Glad to hear you are climbing backup the ladder again.  I'll keep tuning in to see that beautiful swan dive.

sunnyside46 said...

I can tell from your tone that some changes are afoot....you are starting off in a new creative direction....new adventures lie ahead.

mtrib2 said...

I wish you the best on your transition and look forward to reading about what is happening with your life.    I am finally able to sit at the computer for long amounts of time and visit journals.    Now that I am able I also need to get things done inside my crowded home.    Last year I attempted to work on my home addition construction with a hired worker and ended up in physical therapy being told not to do any activity involving moderate strain or I could do permanent nerve damage.    I no longer have the funds to hire someone like last year and the project is no longer of great importance like it was.    I need to get surgery for my back as my Neurologist told me I needed it.   You are someone I have missed being in contact with as you have been very supportive of me.    I now need to work on my housework I keep avoiding so this mess I have stops depressing me, lol !   mark

sunflowerkat321 said...

We are going through the same thing.  I've been so wrapped up with relocation issues (finding a house) that I've been pretty absent from J-land.  I didn't realize you were moving.  Where are you headed?

I'm not looking forward to preparing this house for listing.  However, I think I've found an agent that will hold my hand.  Good luck with everything.  I will be reading....