Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I've Been A Bad Girl Today



My camera accompanied me today on the trip to Ohio. I began to document the area I have been calling home for the past two years. The above photo is typical of US 24 and the agonizing long drive to Defiance on the two lane highway that the trucks use as their main passage from Ft. Wayne to Toledo.

As luck would have it, a train came along and made the trip that much longer.

And the sun did not shine until much later in the day.

I decided that I was not in the mood to work. Imagine that! So I came home and did yard work. Some people may call it playing hookie, I call it my lunch break.

It rained again yesterday. Our back yard has yet to be mowed due to the saturation level and spongy quality of the ground. There use to be an in ground swimming pool back there. It will take a bush hog to get the grass cut if I wait much longer.

The weeds came up easily enough. If only dandelions were accepted flowers, I would have the greenest thumb on the block. I think the rose bushes are dead. I have no idea what went wrong! If I looked at something long enough and was not certain if it is flower or plant I figure it's a weed and up it comes. I hope I'm not pulling up too many perennials.

I went to the best Garden Center in our area, Mains, and purchased three hanging plants and several begonias for the front of the house. It looks fantastic!

On a sad note, the tree in the front yard, the beautiful majestic ancient tree that stands guard over our entry way is causing havoc with the drive way. I am to replace it, (the driveway that is), which does not make me a happy camper. The estimates I am hearing are making me sick. Not only the cost, but that they will have to damage the trees root system to lay a new driveway.

"But that will kill the tree!" I exclaimed

"You're moving, what do you care?"

I care a lot. The tree makes this house stand out, as does the beautiful landscaping Beth did and I have just about ruined. That tree makes this house special.

That Tree Killer just does not get it.


gaboatman said...

Well, you have a point about the tree.  There must be some compromise.  If you just leave the roots and repair the existing damage, the roots will grow and new damage will occur.  If you cut the roots away, you risk killing the tree.  Is it possible to redesign the the driveway away from the roots?  Just a thought.  Good luck with this problem.

suzypwr said...

Are you moving to Ohio? I thought you were moving back south. I am very confused :)

Good luck with the tree - I feel the same way you do about them. You can't do a less invasive type of driveway this time so you don't have to worry so much?


nellemclaughlin said...

Are you sure you really need to replace the driveway? You haven't been there that long yourself. I mean if it's really bad that's one thing but I have never seen one so bad that it was repaired before moving. It's really stressful to sell and move but I guess moving back to where you want to be should make it easier.
Good luck with it all.

sunnyside46 said...

Follow your heart and save the tree!

mtrib2 said...

I could not believe when I saw your alert Mary!    I just happened to have your alert still on.    I am sorry about your tree predicament, as it will probably depend on the new owner's what will ultimately happen to it.    So you and your husband will be moving to a new destination.    Since I wrote you last things have been challenging for me.    I could not sit at the computer for most of the winter due to back pain and stayed on the board and cushion I have for my back reading all day.    My first appointment with the Orthopedic Back Surgeon is May 21, when I take in my MRI's.    I have a severe stenosis or narrowing of the lumbar spine putting pressure on the spinal cord.    I will definitely let you know what has been happening with my art prints and the printer I keep trying to work with.    I have posted some more of my artwork in my art journal.   mark

sunflowerkat321 said...

I was so suprised to get your latest alerts that you are writing again at AOL!  So good to hear from you!

Where is this move taking you????

I would be completely devistated about the tree.  We had two tremendous trees that shaded the back of our first house.  One day, we drove by, and the trees were GONE!  The new owners had had them taken out.  We stopped the car and stared in disbelief.  It honestly made me cry.