Monday, September 29, 2008

Ode to Pancakes

I have searched and searched for the quote from the late Mitch Hedberg about pancakes. But, it went something like this....

                "Pancakes, all thrilling and exciting at the begining, sickening as s*** at the end."

Kind of like keeping a weblog for five years! Good Lord, five years. Things feel forced and stilted when I sit down and try and write an entry. The first year, and in truth, for a long time, it was easy. Stuff just flowed from my fingers. Of course, it was new , thrilling and exciting! Now it feels that my writing is out of practice, or I am out of practice.

So, I should just do it write the sickening s*** daily.

Thank God Maksie is back on Dancing With The Stars. I did not even watch it last season because he was taking a break. Tonight he danced the Pasa Doble with his new partner. Nothing could compare when he and  Mel B set the dance floor on fire dancing the Pasa Doble! Mel B was robbed by the way.

I have it bad for Maksie.





jmorancoyle said...

    That sounds like something Mitch Headberg would say. He was funny. I'm into my fourth year here, and I'm no where near as prolific as I used to be. Sometimes I find myself searching and searching before deciding what to write about. Of course politics does keep my mind going. It's very easy to complain about the stupidity of Congress, although that too gets old.

mlraminiak said...

Jeez, Mary...  Not exactly the "I'm still around and glad to be here" type of anniverary entry...:D  Well, WE'RE glad you're still here, anyway.  Happy blog-o-versary!  Lisa  :-]