Monday, September 15, 2008

What's A Little Wind?

I was listening to the weather report yesterday morning before making a drive to Cincinnati. Or maybe I just overheard the report. But I did hear that we were going to have some high winds from around 10am until 8pm that night. Courtesy of Hurricane Ike.

I was on the way back from the trip and about 20 miles into I-71 I realized the wind was blowing kind of hard. The gusts were pretty strong. Another few miles and the leaves and debris began swirling all about and the gusts were becoming stronger.

About 10 miles outside of Louisville I was very concerned and driving as fast as I could to beat it home. I didn't know what I was beating, or if I just wanted to get home.

But first, I had to go to a birthday party. In the Highlands, which is a very mature neighborhood in the Loo. Beautiful trees line the roads, beautiful big old trees. And as I exited off the interstate and headed into the city I realized it was very bad.

Was this a hurricane or what? Wait, I have lived through a category 4 hurricane...this is just some high wind, I reassured myself, keeping a sharp eye for flying foreign objects.

It was slow going and it required many detours to arrive at my destination because of this...


....and this



And oh yes, this...


Taking care, I pulled my car in a parking lot without a lot of trees about. It was very windy!

Very windy. I flew into my brothers house. Literally!



luvrte66 said...

Hi, just stopping by via AOL journals!

I'm in northern Indiana, and oddly enough, we didn't have high winds...just plenty of rain. We had over 10 inches for the weekend! There is flooding in the area, but we're safe where we're at.

It's amazing to me how huge Ike must have been, to reach all the way up here, and also how it manifested in such different ways.

Thanks for including the pictures!

All my best,

ksquester said...

I heard about that. I am going to visit my friend Vivian in New Albany and she was without power until mid-day today.  Still wearing your ruby reds?  Anne

bannistersusan said...

It's been a long time since I wrote on this blog--I live in Toledo and it's not been too bad here--a few tree limbs down but in the state of Ohio there are 2 MILLION customers without electricity right now, almost as many as those in Texas without power--we must be living in some unusual times right now--IKE precipitated the unusual happening in the stock market today--what ELSE can we expect next--we are so highly evolved in the United States--sometimes I wonder if God is trying to tell us to get BACK TO BASICS, and live off the land, etc. and stop thinking about how many houses, how many cars we have, how many famous colleges are kids go to and think about how GRATEFUL we should be about our blessed planet and our blessed United States--we take too many things for granted and people need to think about how we need to be nice to each other, help each other, care for each other instead of seeing how we can outdo each other--these are surely hard times we are in--enough said!  

dbp2000 said...

So glad you are safe!  Looks like the wind certainly did a number on the area. It just breaks my heart to see trees broken and downed like this.  The landscape will never be the same. Thanks for sharing.


ally123130585918 said...

Your pictures tell their own story ~ I would have wanted to get to the safety of my home ~ it must have been very frightening driving in that wind ~ Ally x

sunnyside46 said...

I would've been terrified

helmswondermom said...

I hope your house escaped damage and power outage.

attitudeslc said...

Was that a guy on a moped in the high wind?????? OMG!!!!! I have motorcycle I won't take out of the garage if the winds are going to 30mph or above.


jmorancoyle said...

    I can sympathize as we got it after you did. It was scary. Although by the time Ike landed in Chicago, the winds had died down a little. Instead it rained for two days. We had 7.41 inches of rain in one day and it flooded the area.