Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fast and the Furious

Driving around the Memphis area is a trip! Everyone, well about 75%, of the "other drivers" on the road seem to be auditioning for The Fast and the Furious. And what is worse, it's contagious. I am constantly reminding my husband that we are going to the park to run! We are not in a life and death situation to get to the hospital! Slow down, quit tailgating, stop being so ANGRY & ANNOYED!

They may not be the worst drivers (that would be anywhere in Florida) but they are the rudest! Yesterday I was on my way home from the Biscuit Bucket. The drive is approximately 10 miles down the main drag in this part of town. There must be about 10 - 15 stop light along the way. The road is also the main thoroughfare to US 78. This translates to a lot of semis. This idiot (they are always an idiot when they pass you and a menace to society when they are in front of you!) comes up in the slow lane on the right and tailgates the car next to me. This is Saturday afternoon,, very heavy traffic. He gets tired of the car not getting the message (i.e., pulling over to let him by) and passes him on the shoulder! I had not seen anything like that in a long long time! The he gets around him and behind a semi. So what does he do? He begins to pass the semi. But there is a car in the left hand lane, the lane he needs to pass!! The driver in the left hand lane drives into the turn lane to allow the guy to get around the semi. Happy now, the idiot drives like a maniac to the stop light where we all meet again. The he turns right. Lord lord, he did yield to oncoming traffic.

I was just glad it was not me next to the semi. I don't know if I would have had the frame of mind to allow myself to be pushed over. I'm not that experienced with the intricacies of driving in Memphis yet.

Not only are they terrors on the roads, they are terrors on the jogging tracks on their silly bicycles. My husband does not understand my intolerance of sharing the paths with these new age Idiots. It comes down to this. One can not wear a MP3 while on the paths because you will be mowed down. They come up behind you and maybe one out of 100 will say "on your left" before they whiz by.

I know it's dangerous on the streets for bicyclists but damn it.....they irritate the hell out of me.

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That gentleman's lady said...

Heh, I have roadrage for unsafe drivers. I must say that on occasion I too am guilty of being the idiot.