Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things I did yesterday...

1) Got the job at Graceland. It's seasonal but who knows! I am a shining light in retail so I am certain I will become permanent in time. I believe they offered it as a temp thing because of benefits. It does not matter to me because I am covered by my hubs. I am working for the King! Come next week...

2) Found the major library for this county and found several books about fundraising but no Suze Rotolo book about Freewheeling Greenwich Village in the 60's and Bob Dylan. Guess it is going to come down to ordering the blooming book thru Amazon.

3) I went to the Shelby Farms and ran my three miles and am getting slower rather than the desired faster! I took on the challenge of Grandpa's Ridge at the Lake last week and my calves have not quite recovered.

4) Ate left over etouffee and Twinkies.

5) Watched the last half hour of The Food Network Star on a encore presentation - at 12 am! Actually I dvr'ed it and watched Jimmy Fallon. I love Jimmy. Even if it was s re-run from when Arnold got into trouble. The hash tag was "Iwentthere" - hilarious as always. My favorite? "stop singing "I'm bringing sexy back". Bitch, you are the reason Sexy left!"

6) Spoke to my High School friend and almost got to see her for the 3rd time this month. It's incredible because I have not seen her in 10 years! reunions are the bomb.

7) Worked at the Bucket and was actually called in early! I'm so good..

8) Found some sort of voodoo Watkins Pain spray. And my knees were bothering me so I thought I would give them a spray and see what happens. I justified it by thinking it would give me a platform to sell the stuff - by testimony. to my surprise and relief, it worked! very fast. Gotta find a place that sells it cheaper than the Bucket.

9) Made an after work trip to Walmart. Now since living in a much more civilized area of the country, I have Kroger's everywhere I can throw a stone. But at 1030 - no such luck. So I mosey into my local Wally World and they are in the process of restocking and people and lifts and pallets of enormous portions of product are everywhere. I get my Aspercreme (my knees after Grandpa's Ridge are a major concern) and knock off 7-up and a get well card for a pal and head for the check out line. There is not one! It's all self check out. Two young and handsome kids tell me to go ahead of them because I have less stuff. Oh such cute little hunks! Chivalry in the South! Who would have thought it still survives.

10) Took the knock off 7-up home and made my new self created drink "May May's Sunset" coconut rum, OJ 7-up and grenadine. Yummy. Very sweet.

11) Found my way to the new Goodwill Bookstore and found three fantastic cook books! Talk about Good II The book of Cajun Cuisine. The County Fair Cookbook and a James Beard recipes for the Cuisinart. Any James Beard cookbook is a treasure. Score!

12) Thought about straightening up the house.

13) Lost my cell phone somewhere in the house and had to take off to work without it. Found it under a towel on the couch. Maybe today I can more than just think about tidying up the Casa May-may.


colleen said...

What's an etouffee? I like Jimmy Fallon too (he's from Boston like me) and the thrift shop! Sounds like a tiring day to me, especially the Walmart part.

Xakara said...

Congrats on the job!

Happy TT,

13 Desserts

Charlotte said...

I know what etoufee is; I looked it up. It sounds humungous.
But as an ignorant Limey, what the heck is the Bucket?
Perhaps you could eat your etoufee out of it...
PS congrats on the new job

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

Congrats with the job! and yes, bec of FB reunions are sprouting like mushrooms, lol! and last, yes, I want a postcards, (note the "s") lol!

Thanks for visiting my Thursday 13 entry

That gentleman's lady said...

I tend to lose my phone ALL the time :) I hate talking on the phone though :-/ so its not a big loss to me usually. I think I once went a week with leaving it lost.