Saturday, June 18, 2011

What's The Buzz Tell Me What's Happening?

After six weeks in the Memphis area I have finally broke down and rejoined the Internet. Using the library and my husbands office got complicated. When looking for a job, a computer and the Internet is a necessity anymore. Not a luxury. Though being off the Internet....I did not read as much as one would think. I didn't watch a lot of tv either. I don't know how those hours disappeared!

I am working part time at the Bucket while I try and find something else. Something that pays a whole lot more and I would have week-ends off. I have interviewed at several Fundraising Charities but my lack of fund raising back ground is a huge deterrent. I naturally think this is BS, but what you gonna do? Asking people to buy stuff and asking people to volunteer and sponsor special needs is very similar. The approach is different, but the technique is the same.

I am disappointed that "they" dismiss me and I am not a viable candidate. So, I have decided to volunteer with the March of Dimes and see what happens.

Today I ran three miles! It was not pretty. It was not fast. But I did it and my knees do not hurt much at all! Hooray! I have been practicing for six weeks. I walked the first three and then I bought a pair of good running shoes and have worked my way up to a steady and slow three miles. I also discovered the Shelby Farms Park, about ten miles from us, which is a fantastic area dedicated to outdoor activities! And as an added bonus, buffalo!

I attended my High School reunion and got to hang out with the cool kids afterwards as we headed downtown and danced at Johnny Angel. The cool kids are now the wild kids who don't know when to quit. I almost did not go. So glad I did.

The family reunion at the Lake House is this coming week-end and I am going to it. Gosh darn it, though, another six + hour drive. I may make a detour and visit my pals in C-Ville on the way to East TN.

That's the Buzz.

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