Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Close Encounters of the Bucket Kind.

I have picked up the threads of my past existence, so to speak. I am running again and ran an ugly three miles this morning. But the run was in a fabulous park with several ponds. One of them with flowering water lilies. So I did not get all worked up about the people on bikes (do you have to whizz by so fast without warning! God forbid I dare wear my MP3 and stumble in you path and get smashed)and the young high school kids who breeze by as if they have wings on their feet. Or the old Grandma with her young granddaughter who came around me, running on their tippy-toes, to catch up with her husband. They could never maintain that stride for the three miles around the trail. And it was partly overcast with a refreshing wind announcing the impending storms which will arrive around lunch time.

I am at the Bucket and astonished at how much they adore me! All that time with Heather-be-Thy-Name prepared me to excel anywhere I put on the apron. They are poised and ready to promote me. When I was informed of this, I started laughing. "What's so funny?" I was asked. "Gosh, you gotta know Heather. I'm not laughing because its funny. It's just.....nice, thank you."

While at C-ville I just accepted that the recession and the economy was held at bay. I knew it was because C-ville is a military town and money flowed like honey. I knew the economy chugged along like a well fueled train due to the influx of military families visiting before the deployments and just as I was relocating to the Memphis area, they were arriving in droves to welcome the troops that were arriving home daily on the transport planes. It was a joyful happy time.

But down here! To say it's different is an understatement. The atmosphere at the store is much more guarded and less frivolous. So I adjust.

I still get a tremendous kick from meeting people from all walks of life and from all over the map. Since I am brushing the cobwebs from my keyboard and from that part of my brain that controls my blog inspiration, I may just write a lot about these close encounters of the Bucket Kind.

Stay tuned.

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